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Cuisine Members Plus - Mare749 - 01-26-2007

Hi all,
I got a very nice response from a C@H staff member today regarding the new website. She explained to me that the reason it's not up and running yet. They are having problems setting up the marketing and processing of credit cards to pay for the "subscription." They want to offer 30 days free and that's causing part of the problem. The publisher wants everything to be perfect and all the details worked out ahead of time and they are also thinking of changing the name of the website. She does not know when it will be ready, but invited me to check back often for an update. So, that's about it.


Re: Cuisine Members Plus - bjcotton - 01-26-2007

You've gotten more than I have Maryann. I got one response that told me the same thing it does on the website, "You'll probably get a faster response by asking questions of those members on the CAH forums!" Well duh, if it's about cooking anyway.

Re: Cuisine Members Plus - vannin - 01-27-2007

I don't want them to change anything anyway, things are perfectly alright as they are.