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Griddle question - Half_Baked - 01-29-2007

I don't have one but do they work on electric stoves? I'm really planning on doing a lot of cooking in a few weeks!

btw, my 12" cast iron arrived today.

Re: Griddle question - Ron - 01-29-2007

I had a Calphalon Kitchen Essentials griddle for several years before it wore out. I replaced it recently with a Calphalon One. Both worked fine on my electric (smooth ceramic surface)stovetop.

Re: Griddle question - Half_Baked - 01-29-2007

Thanks Ron. The stove is only 4 yrs old so that's one of the last things to be replaced. I'd love another gas stove.

Re: Griddle question - Lorraine - 01-29-2007

My Mother has an ancient cast iron griddle coated in something ( it looks silver) that she has used on her electric stove top forever. I'm hoping I get that one!!!Well, in another 30 years.

Re: Griddle question - bjcotton - 01-29-2007

Jean used her round one on an electric stove. Worked fine, also the cast iron heats pretty evenly regardless.

Re: Griddle question - cjs - 01-29-2007

I did????

Re: Griddle question - bjcotton - 01-29-2007

Yes dear, you did. When I was up there for New Years. I don't remember exactly what you prepared, but you fixed something using it.

Re: Griddle question - Lorraine - 01-29-2007

"I did???? "

Ah geez, rofl.

Re: Griddle question - bjcotton - 01-29-2007

You have to forgive her Lorraine. After all, she's old enough to be my.....uh, sister

Re: Griddle question - cjs - 01-30-2007

oh geez, when we were in the rental...completely forgot! I counted back houses we've lived in and other than the rental for a month or two, couldn't remember an electric stove since the 70s...

and how did it work?