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A cookbook - Half_Baked - 02-15-2007

repost...sorry! I'm nervous about the dr and am trying to keep busy.

Re: A cookbook - cjs - 02-15-2007

What's going on Jan????? I don't understand...are you O.K.?

Re: A cookbook - Half_Baked - 02-15-2007

It's just an operation check up and I'm not satisfied with my progress. Doc and I are going to have quite a talk. I'm rather angry actually since I was told things that are different than is happening to my old body.

Re: A cookbook - Lorraine - 02-15-2007

Good luck, Jan!

Re: A cookbook - cjs - 02-15-2007

well, get back to us as soon as you can...

Re: A cookbook - Half_Baked - 02-15-2007

I'll live but will have to take some pills for the rest of my life...rats.

Re: A cookbook - bjcotton - 02-15-2007

I spoke with you today young AREN'T taking care of yourself like you should! You know it, I know it, and you know I know it! You aren't too old for a whippin' ya know!

Re: A cookbook - pjcooks - 02-16-2007

Hope you're okay, Jan, please take it easy.


Re: A cookbook - cjs - 02-16-2007

Well, I hope a little tongue-lashing will keep you on the straight and narrow for a while!!! Join the ranks - never took pills in my life till a few years ago, and now I have to have a darn container with S, M, T, W, T, F, S on it to keep them straight.

Re: A cookbook - Half_Baked - 02-16-2007

Although I take meds now for my asthma, I'm frustrated to have to take another pill forever. I always worry about my poor liver trying to clean out all the chemicals from my medications. He said I could go back to Curves in 2 weeks but take the exercises very slowly so I don't overdo the first week. This ancient body hasn't done a thing since Jan 2 and the machines sure will be a shock to my muscles.

PS - I'm scared of Billy. He gave me an earful on the phone.