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Does anyone watch their cholesterol? - Mare749 - 03-03-2007

I hear a lot of conflicting opinions about this lately. The doctor informed DH that it's time to start watching the cholesterol, not an easy task for a meat lover. When he gave him the list of foods to avoid, DH asked what food CAN HE EAT? Dr. said just do the best you can. It's not dangerously high and he doesn't have to take drugs to lower it yet, but for the sake of good health, I'm looking for your best suggestions.

So, we have started with the oatmeal or cheerios in the morning, no weekend bacon anymore, and only 2 eggs on the weekend. I can't stomach the idea of using margarine, so I'll have to continue using butter, maybe just less. And we already use olive oil. Beyond this, I'm lost and it seems like most people I know don't last very long on a low cholesterol "diet" anyway.

I read an article recently on another forum that made me think that maybe all this concern about cholesterol is a bunch of b.s. What tried and true "natural methods" have you used? Thanks everyone.


Re: Does anyone watch their cholesterol? - Old Bay - 03-03-2007

I take a 20mg lipitor at night and pretty well eat what I want (reasonably!). My bad C is under 80 and good C is over 60. I do bloodwork every 6 mos to watch the liver--I do like my wine.

Re: Does anyone watch their cholesterol? - bjcotton - 03-03-2007

I think moderation is the key Maryann. It seems that my dad didn't have a cholestorol problem, but my mom did. That is supposed to mean their children will be split. Two of us don't have a problem and 4 do. Fredia and I are the don'ts . The other 4 try to watch their diets and take cholesterol medication that doesn't seem to make any difference. Marilee and her hubby gave up beef and only eat chicken, turkey, fish and pork, but it doesn't seem to make much of a difference, so I can't suggest what to do except moderation.

Re: Does anyone watch their cholesterol? - Ron - 03-03-2007

"The doctor informed DH that it's time to start watching the cholesterol."
Was his cholesterol high? If not, why bother? Some people can eat a cow smothered in cream and cheese and not have a problem. My grandfather did - with a rot-gut whiskey chaser, and he lived to be 92. I'm on the same path - except with cabernet sauvignon.

Re: Does anyone watch their cholesterol? - Mare749 - 03-04-2007

Ron, it was 240. Not high enough for Lipitor yet, but enough that the doc said to work on it. The list of "offenders" was a mile long. I sure don't see anybody I know following those guidelines!

DH wants to try to avoid having to eventually take Lipitor because both of his parents felt horrible while taking it and had to stop.

Re: Does anyone watch their cholesterol? - Ron - 03-05-2007

If his numbers are getting high, I guess you really should attend to it. Maybe you can cut back during the week and still enjoy bacon and eggs on weekends. Cook the bacon a little longer and wipe it off before serving. One egg instead of two. A bit less butter on the toast. Work your way down to skim milk. Buy leaner hamburger. Life is too short to totally elimiminate things you really enjoy. Good luck.

Re: Does anyone watch their cholesterol? - cjs - 03-05-2007

We have had to watch ours for a number of years now - I used to be a 'poster child' for my cholesterol reduction (by my Dr.) but I've noticed the last couple years that I'm not working - but cooking and eating like I'm working full time - not only have I gained weight, but my chol. is creeping up. Will have to go back to the old regime.

Re: Does anyone watch their cholesterol? - Mare749 - 03-05-2007

Thanks Ron, that's some good advice. Maybe it would make enough of a difference just to make subtle changes at first.

Jean, I remember a while back you posted a recipe for butter/olive oil spread. Do you still use that and was the recipe equal parts? I remember trying it and thinking it was really tasty.

Re: Does anyone watch their cholesterol? - cjs - 03-05-2007

yes, half and half, except for bread spreading, I can't remember the exact proportions because I've finally weaned Roy away from having to have butter on his bread!!! Thank God!

But for cooking I do use a mixture.

Re: Does anyone watch their cholesterol? - Half_Baked - 03-05-2007

A year ago my cholesterol was over 200 and the dr told me to watch it and gave me a guideline. It scared me and I lowered it by 45 pts - just eating right and exercise.

Now I'm not eating right and haven't been able to exercise so I'm sure it's up again... In fact, it's time for my annual check up so I expect to be scolded.