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Spanakopita Recipe? - mcd1982 - 03-05-2007

Does Cuisine at Home have one? I have the complete library at home, but figured it'd be easier to ask than root through 10 volumes.


Re: Spanakopita Recipe? - foodfiend - 03-05-2007

I don't know if CAH has this recipe, but I tried this one from RecipeZaar last year at a Greek-themed dinner and it was a big hit (easier than I thought,too)

If you're interested, I used Egg Beaters, light Feta, and decreased the butter by 1/3.

Re: Spanakopita Recipe? - cjs - 03-06-2007

One hint for you on the spanakopitas - after prepping and brushing with melted butter, you can quick freeze them for baking later. Makes it a nice do-ahead.