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Hash! - pjcooks - 03-05-2007

Quoting Jean: " Now hash, I cook differently from fried potatoes. I don't stir them after they've heated thru. I crank up the heat somewhat (cast iron skillet using lard) and get a nice crust on one side, turn out on a platter and slide back in to crust the other side. Love the crusty outside, almost creamy inside. YUM!"

My grandmother makes the best red flannel hash, cooking the same way you do, with the lard. It took me years to figure out the one ingredient that makes this dish so tasty. Her New England boiled dinners always included turnips, and along with the parsnips and beets, what a great hash.

St Patty's is coming up, (with a name like Patti Murphy, you'd think I'm Irish, but just a drop) so maybe I'll make myself happy this year and do it up right, the old New England way.


Funny St. Pat's dinner story - lxxf - 03-05-2007

When my kids were babies, like 2 and 3, I made a New England Boiled Dinner straight from the NYTimes James Beard cookbook for St. Pat's day. We pulled up the high chairs to the table and the kids had suitable toddler food while we ate corned beef, cabbage, onions, carrots and turnips. I had arranged a nice platter with the sliced meat in the middle, surrounded by veggies. After dinner, my husband and I each grabbed a kid, took them upstair and put them to bed, leaving the food on the table.

When I went into the dining room to clean up, the center of the platter was bare. The stupid dog had eaten at least 4 pounds of corned beef - didn't touch the veggies though. He drank about a gallon of water daily for the next week.

Re: Funny St. Pat's dinner story - cjs - 03-06-2007

PJ, I was just going to post that beets is the reason for the name - Red Flannel Hash, I thot. Just looked in my FLC and it says beets should be at least 85% of the ingredients! Did not know that.

Oh...good puppy, thirsty puppy!!!

Re: Funny St. Pat's dinner story - Harborwitch - 03-06-2007

I haven't made hash in a long long time. I wonder why? I think it was in a James Beard recipe that called for heavy cream in the hash to build a beautiful crust. It was so good. Must make that again.

Re: Funny St. Pat's dinner story - pjcooks - 03-06-2007

Sharon, the addition of cream sounds interesting. I'm assuming a 1/4 or 1/2 cup?


Re: Funny St. Pat's dinner story - pjcooks - 03-07-2007

What, lxxf, no Guinness?

85% beets, never thought of using that many! PJ

Re: Funny St. Pat's dinner story - Harborwitch - 03-07-2007

As I recall it was 1/2 cup. I'll have all my cookbooks again in a few weeks!!! I'll check the exact amount.