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It's All Lorraine's Fault! - bjcotton - 03-06-2007

I had put eggs on to hard cook while the man was installing my wireless network. Checked on them a couple of times during the installation. As soon as he was finished, I called Lorraine back [she'd called during the process] and chatted for a while. Then I sat down to talk with Fredia, forgetting all about the eggs. Pretty soon we heard an explosion that sounded like someone firing a gun in the backyard. While I looked outside, Fredia went into the kitchen and found pieces of egg all over the least it didn't ruin my pan Have you seen 8 eggs that have exploded? Not a pretty sight!

Re: It's All Lorraine's Fault! - Harborwitch - 03-06-2007

I've done that!

Re: It's All Lorraine's Fault! - aardvarknav - 03-06-2007

You can always claim it is an innovative faux painting technique. You could enhance it by putting hot liquid lime jello in a blender and turning it on high. You could call the result Tuscan Gold with a light green patina.

Re: It's All Lorraine's Fault! - Mare749 - 03-06-2007

Billy, what in the world are you doing boiling eggs when you have that nifty steamer? 16 minutes and the eggs are perfect every time!

Re: It's All Lorraine's Fault! - pjcooks - 03-07-2007

what Maryanne said

Re: It's All Lorraine's Fault! - cjs - 03-07-2007

I agree, I think it's all Lorraine's fault...

Re: It's All Lorraine's Fault! - Lorraine - 03-07-2007

Geez, I was afraid to open this thread!!!! LOL Billy, you being the Kitchen Gadget KIng, don't you have a timer?????? I've never had eggs explode. Nope, Not me. Never.

Re: It's All Lorraine's Fault! - bjcotton - 03-07-2007

Nope, no timer. I usually use the microwave kitchen timer, but I was so distracted I didn't even do that. Maryann I didn't even think about the steamer even though I've used it for that many times. It was kind of like trying to cook at my sis Marilee's house, so much going on you lose track of what you're doing.

Now that redecorating the kitchen is a pretty good idea since varnished plywood isn't my idea of attractive. If you like the color brown, you'd love my kitchen

Re: It's All Lorraine's Fault! - Ron - 03-07-2007

My mother invited a group over for dinner. One person didn't show on time. My mother kept the extra potato in the oven in case she was just late and forgot to turn the heat off. When it blew it sounded like somebody hit the oven with a sledge hammer.

Re: It's All Lorraine's Fault! - Mare749 - 03-07-2007

Ron, that's hysterical! Thanks for the warning, too!