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Spring Break!! - cjs - 03-13-2007

Just saw on the news it's Spring Break time!!! Having no children at home plus not being in high school anymore... got me to remembering what we always did on spring break.

Seniors from all the high schools in San Jose would rent motel rooms (10-15 to a room!) in Santa Cruz and spend the week at the beach, tanning & taunting the guys with our bikinis, riding one of the highest roller coasters, eating chocolate covered frozen bananas, and getting into innocent trouble. We had the greatest time!

Now, if I can remmber what I did, you all sure can - what did you do????? (tell all, it's too late for punishment now!!)

What fun that was!!!

Re: Spring Break!! - Half_Baked - 03-13-2007

Wow, back in my days, the hotels/motels were very strick and they watched us. No more than 4 in a room and boys were never allowed into the rooms, or no girls in the boys rooms. If they saw this, the room got a call and you were on restriction. Second offense, you packed.

We used to go to Ocean City, MD and back then there were 15 cops on the entire force. They were all young and would buy us beer. Nowadays there are about 15 cops every 15 feet.

Oh it was so much fun, beaching all day and dancing all night.

Re: Spring Break!! - Harborwitch - 03-13-2007

Nothing. Nada. Zilch. If there was anything happening I was not in the "in crowd" - not that my folks would have let me go anyway. Oh - wait - I think there was a trip to Disneyland. Crap!

Re: Spring Break!! - Mare749 - 03-13-2007

Wow, sounds like I grew up on the wrong side of the country or something. When I was a senior in high school, I went to school in the morning, went to work in the afternoons and on Saturday, and dated my husband at night. There was no such thing as spring break unless you went on a trip to Florida with your parents at Easter time. Heck, I had a curfew till the day I graduated and my parents never would have let me go overnight with my friends to the beach or anywhere else unless there were parents going along and even then they would have to talk to them first. I guess life was pretty boring in the midwest, not that we really knew any better at the time.

I was a lot less strict with my girls and they turned out fine. As hard as it was, I even let them go to France for two weeks when they were 17. They had a ball.

I think that because Ron and I never got to do things like spring break as kids, it might be the reason it looks so darn attractive at this time of year to go on some exotic vacation. This is sounding better and better, I think I'll do some vacation shopping on the web!


Re: Spring Break!! - bjcotton - 03-13-2007

That's something I only saw in the movies. We were usually in the fields or orchards picking fruit or vegetables to earn money for our school clothes. No innocent fun there!

Re: Spring Break!! - vannin - 03-13-2007

I worked from 4-6.30pm after school each day, and all holidays in a dairy. And I never got to be a senior, I was working at 15, and still had to ask my parents if I could go to church socials on a Saturday night!!! LOL I was only allowed to leave home to go nursing because we had to live in a nurses home during our 3 1/2 year course.

Re: Spring Break!! - Mare749 - 03-13-2007

I'll bet Jean got to go to Woodstock too! (I remember the folks keeping a real close watch on me that weekend!) Boy, some people had all the fun.....


Re: Spring Break!! - foodfiend - 03-13-2007

Well, this will make me sound like a total weenie, but I never had any desire to go with my friends on spring break (usually to South Carolina or Florida). If I had gone, I would have missed Easter with my family. And all of the chocolate and baked goodies that go with such a holiday in my Italian-American home. Hmmmm, could that have been the beginning of my "foodie-ness"? No beaches and parties-- instead Easter lamb, anise cookies, ricotta-lemon cheesecake, and homemade peanut-butter eggs. I think I made the right decision!

Re: Spring Break!! - vannin - 03-13-2007

I don't think that is being a total weenie, not even a bit of a weenie. Not a whiff of a weenie. It sounds as if you came from a happy home and enjoyed your family, how good is that. And Easter is sure a good time to have all the 'special' foods, good for you.

Re: Spring Break!! - farnfam - 03-13-2007

Say Vicci, any chance you'll share the lemon riccota cheesecake recipe