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This may cause a war...... - vannin - 03-18-2007

I am sick and tired of mesculin and these wild salad greens. So I have taken refuge in the good old Iceburg, and loving it. So crisp. Dear little cups for teacup salads. wedges, wedges cooked on the hot plate, torn leaves. White spitty ribs to crunch, mixes with everything, finely shedded, all round good. Watcha think. Or do fancy lettuces rule. I find the frilly red and green ones good for garnish.

Re: This may cause a war...... - vannin - 03-18-2007

OOps, posted too soon. Iceberg was all we could get in the old days, well into the 70s, even te 80s sometimes. The old dress we made for salads then (because there was no dressings either) was one can of sweetened condensed milk, malt vinegar, colmans dry mustard. Mix desired quantites to taste, going slowly, so you don't flood the milk with too much other. I love it and it sticks gluppily to the salad.

Re: This may cause a war...... - Mare749 - 03-18-2007

Dale, I still love iceberg as the reliable old standby for crunchy chopped salads, and on sandwiches. But, I also love many of the other lettuces that we can purchase these days. It keeps our salad choices interesting. Like butter lettuce with a seafood mix, or spinach with strawberries, ceasar salad with romaine, or grilled arugala. And with summer coming, the variety is endless.
I don't eat a lot of salads in the winter, for some reason warm cooked vegetables are more appealing to me. But as soon as the weather starts warming up, I will be making a different salad every night. Maybe we should start a new post with our favorite salad recipes?


Re: This may cause a war...... - pjcooks - 03-19-2007

Nothing beats a slice of iceberg on a BLT!


Re: This may cause a war...... - Half_Baked - 03-19-2007

Funny you should mention that. I planted a row of iceberg in my garden and it's going great guns.

Re: This may cause a war...... - vannin - 03-19-2007

Posting salad recipes is a great idea, mine are only different because they are a result of fridge raids.