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Smoked Tomato Dip & Rocket Launch!! - cjs - 03-21-2007

Tried this from a gal from another forum last nite and it's delicious. It was a hectic evening, so didn't chill it and we ended up using this as dinner...

I haven't even taken time to rewrite it yet! I added toasted pine nuts - good flavor.

Smoked Tomato dip

I just mixed this up for today...It's easy,and I have to say even without sitting in the refrigerator to chill, then bring back to oom temp, it is really tasty.

You just put everything into your f/p and pulse,scraping down the sides several times and your done...

you need:

I pack of 3oz. smoked sun dried tomatoes, one 8oz. cream cheese, 1/2 cup mayo, 1/2 cup,sour cream, salt,pepper, I added a little more of the mayo and sour cream,tabasco as much or as little as you want. For the salt I used a grey salt with sun dried tomatoes and garlic in it and 4 green onions tops and bottoms..Pulse on and off, scrape down sides of f/p several times..Put into serving bowl cover and chill. Remove let come to room temp and serve with crackers or baguettes..Now, I tasted mine with a piece of celery and it was delicious. I think I'm going to do a quick veggie tray to go with the dip as well..

This is why we had a hectice evening - Roy designed and mfg'd. the device to hold a rocket on the launch pad and the rocket was having it's 2nd testing yesterday on an atoll east of Japan - he was so excited and nervous, he didn't realize he had a martini AND glass of wine....

AND IT WAS SUCCESSFUL!!!!! His design worked thru the 1st launch also, but the rocket only went about 25' in the air and came back down. This one went perfect!!

and this is what we ended up having for dinner -

Re: Smoked Tomato Dip & Rocket Launch!! - SDRecipeGirl - 03-21-2007

Sounds like a yummy dip recipe... I'll take note!

Love the sharing of the pictures. But really, make a good dinner tonight!!

Re: Smoked Tomato Dip & Rocket Launch!! - Mare749 - 03-21-2007

That sounds sooooo good! Thanks for the recipe. Congratulations to Roy and here's a toast to both of you!

BTW, your second home looks very nice. Ron and I have been wanting one for years. He has always had the truck to pull it, we just haven't gotten around to buying one yet. We started with a pop-up when our girls were babies, then went to a 17 ft. then to a 28 ft. bunkhouse, that eventually got old and tired. Sure do miss it.


Re: Smoked Tomato Dip & Rocket Launch!! - bjcotton - 03-21-2007

Told Jean in an email that I thought she was talking about toy rockets. Guess she was, BIG kids rockets

Re: Smoked Tomato Dip & Rocket Launch!! - cjs - 03-22-2007

toy rockets - geez, BillyJ!!!!

MaryAnn, our 5th wheel is 29' - just the perfect size for the two of us weeks on end. When we bot it, it had a table and four chairs, two recliners, and a couch that made down to a bed. First thing we did was drag that couch out - it was the most uncomfortable thing in the world anyway - and also got rid of two of the dining chairs.

Now it is so roomy and when we have guests or parties, most if not all, is done outside anyway, so there is no problem.
Also, the bedroom has a King size bed - we don't even have a king size at home!!! So, it's great to treat ourselves when we're on the road. We definitely are enjoying our home on the road and will enjoy it more when Roy decreases his work load and we can go further afield in our travels.

Re: Smoked Tomato Dip & Rocket Launch!! - Mare749 - 03-22-2007

Oh Jean, that sounds like my dream come true! We can't retire for a few more years yet, but that's exactly what we want to do. Every time we go to the RV show, we are one step closer to that purchase. We might have to look at "gently used" though, those treasures are a bit pricey!


Re: Smoked Tomato Dip & Rocket Launch!! - cjs - 03-23-2007

That's what did for our first two - 'gently used' and just kept upgrading till we got what we wanted. It helps also not to have spent so much money while you are finding what you like and don't about an RV. It took us 5 years to find the right one - the most important was a kitchen where we could really cook, these are hard to find.

Re: Smoked Tomato Dip & Rocket Launch!! - Mare749 - 03-23-2007

Yes, I couldn't agree more. A good kitchen is a must. What we liked about the 5th wheel is the nice big bed. I would probably also do what you did and get rid of some extra furniture to have more room, too. When we had our trailer in Pa. for 10 years, no one sat inside much unless it was raining so hard that our patios were flooding. We did most of our cooking over a wood fire or used a small gas grill. Made some great meals that way.


Re: Smoked Tomato Dip & Rocket Launch!! - Lorraine - 03-26-2007

Thanks for the recipe, Jean. It's printed and in my folder to take with me!!!

Re: Smoked Tomato Dip & Rocket Launch!! - cjs - 03-26-2007

Lorraine, what's the chef got going for Easter buffet??? Does he know yet?