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Hey Grampa, What's For Supper? - bjcotton - 03-28-2007

Beef Bouguignon, 18 Hour Bread, green salad and green tea.

Whachoo having?

Re: Hey Grampa, What's For Supper? - pjcooks - 03-28-2007

Funny you should ask!

It was supposed to be braised veal shoulder chops. I dried, then dredged, then started to brown them. The doorbell rang, UPS. Ran downstairs (everyone uses the garage door) took care of that, started back up, another delivery, back up again and the phone rang, yikes, the chops are smoking. A layer of smog in my house

Okay, I have some chix broth from Sunday, so chicken pie it is.

Yours sounds good!


Re: Hey Grampa, What's For Supper? - vannin - 03-28-2007

This post should be a permanent fixture. Love to know what others are eating. Last night we had filet of steak on a large mushroom cup, with onion (fat rings) and zucchini cooked on the hotplate, and steamed brussells sprouts with boiled baby potatoes. Salad was a raw red half red pepper stuffed with mung sprouts, bread and butter pickles, (dill rings) avocado, beetroot, set on a iceburg lettuce and tomato slice base.

Tonight is chicken casserole, made with onion/celery/carrot and stuff, with bits of stuffing and topped with rye croutons. Pan fried left over potatoes, and a starter of prawns in lettuce cups, with tomatoes and sprouts.

Re: Hey Grampa, What's For Supper? - foodfiend - 03-28-2007

What was for supper?!

Stir-fried chicken with red bell pepper, mushrooms, cabbage, garlic, & water chestnuts in a spicy brown sauce, sprinkled with toasted almonds. And steamed basmati rice. And some nice white wine (a wonderful New Zealand sauvignon blanc that goes perfectly with spicy Asian food).

Re: Hey Grampa, What's For Supper? - SDRecipeGirl - 03-28-2007

Leftovers from our great dinner last night:
Flank Steak Tacos
Homemade Pico de Gallo
Cilantro Rice
Sauteed Cherry Tomatoes


Re: Hey Grampa, What's For Supper? - pjcooks - 03-28-2007

What you said, Dale. I'd love to follow everyones meals.


All your suppers sound great!

Re: Hey Grampa, What's For Supper? - bjcotton - 03-28-2007

Well, we had leftovers because the Beef Burgundy wasn't quite is now. The carrots [this is my own version ya know] were sweet tasting with the lingering taste of the Cabernet Merlow I used; the potatoes were gently flavored with the wine's going to be sooooo good tomorrow

Re: Hey Grampa, What's For Supper? - cjs - 03-29-2007

oh yeah, second day is always better with those dishes, I think.

Well, last nite was a mish mash - but I'm doing our April 9th review dinner tonite, including the pie (neighbors are in for a treat!), 'cause we'll be on the road for about a week and I don't want to chance not getting it worked in!

BUT...for breakfast, my favorite sandwich in the world! Meatloaf! I had some of the wonderful spicy ketchup left from the C@H corned beef hash and I topped the meatloaf with that - oh my, great flavor! I'm trying to wait till 8-9 a.m., we'll see if I make it that long.

Re: Hey Grampa, What's For Supper? - Ron - 03-29-2007

I gave my mother some Burger's country ham slices for Christmas. They were just too salty for her, so she "re-gifted" them to me yesterday. (Not a problem for me, as I would push a cow aside at a salt lick). I didn't use all my rye bread (put a few slices in the freezer) and Swiss Cheese for the Reuben Hush Puppies. So for lunch today , ham and Swiss on rye. Pass the Grey Poupon, please!

Re: Hey Grampa, What's For Supper? - Lorraine - 03-29-2007

"I would push a cow aside at a salt lick"

ROFL So would I, Ron! My brother leaves for Bangkok today, and figures he'll get his fill of fish and seafood there, so he wanted beef. Grilled steaks, baked potatoes, and salad.