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My Foray into a Pro Kitchen - Lorraine - 04-06-2007

Things I learned this week:

I CAN peel 25 lbs of sweet potatoes. I may need carpel tunnel surgury, but I did it!!!

When I'm on salad duty, Chef will only tell me once how to make each of the salads, then he gets ornery. My little note pad came in handy. (Thank you, Jean, for reminding me to take it!!!)

When doing full sheet pans of bacon in the oven from hell, watch them like a hawk, or Chef will threaten to make you do them over, and take the burnt ones out of your pay. Glad I watched them like a hawk!!! So much so, that he told me to quit opening the oven. It's hard to keep some people happy.

Memorize where everything in the walk in is, you do NOT want to tell Chef you can't find something!!!

When on toast detail( yeah, that's me) they better be done when Chef wants them. Do NOT keep the order waiting!!!

Never offer to grill the veggies ( a catering gig for 100) until you know you can reach the back of the grill without burning the hair off your arms. I need to be taller, or have monkey arms.

When you're working the dishpit, never stick your face over the pot when you put the sprayer on full force. It does nothing for your makeup or hair.

When Chef tells you to get the soup in the red top out of the walk in, make sure you had your wheaties for breakfast. That container is darn heavy.

I'm worth $5.00. That's what one couple left me for a tip when I worked FOH breakfast Tuesday morning. I think I'll frame the bill!!!!!

You better be able to think fast when catering. Especially when you're dishing up chicken breasts, and one man asks for 3 of them. I don't think so, honey!!!!

Offsite catering is fun. Except for lugging everything in, then lugging it out again.

Never ask at the end of the shift if you can clean something for Chef. I got to do the grill, the dishpit area, and one day the deep fryer. Gawd that smells skanky when it's boiling away! It's way easier to slink away into the Tavern and put your feet up!!!

You know you're tired when you sit down at 10:30 pm at the end of the shift, and can't get back up to walk across the street to bed, because every bone in your body aches, and bones you never even knew you had!!!! It took me about 1/2 hour before I could hobble across the street. I was too tired to even eat, I just flopped into bed.

When you get home, never ask him what he wants to eat. Just cook it and put it in front of him. He'll never complain, and be ever so gratefull! LOL

Always put the laundry in first thing in the morning, then run over when you get a chance and put it in the dryer. If you wait until you get home at night to do it, the clothes never make it into the dryer, and you will be VERY unhappy in the morning.

And tomorrow, (skip the rest of today!!) we do it all again. Over for breakfast at 6:30, onsite wedding from 12:00 to 3pm, regular lunch, regular supper, prep for 4 seatings for Easter Sunday.

Re: My Foray into a Pro Kitchen - cjs - 04-06-2007

and a hearty welcome to the world of cooking, Lolly!!!

Clean the grill....oh yes! I had to have a stool to stand on to do that wonderful chore!

and the best thing? You're going back!!! Good for you! I hope you (as madmax finally gave in and learned) have foresaken makeup on boh days!!! It's a royal waste of time.
(unless you love the sting of mascara running thru your eyes and down your cheeks..... )

Re: My Foray into a Pro Kitchen - pjcooks - 04-06-2007

Lorraine, your post is so funny (and true)! Catering offsite is fun except for the lugging in and lugging out, especially when your function is on the 3rd flour and there are no elevators and you're carrying up the chaffer, the hot water in the well and the food because you ran out of Cambros 3 jobs ago. I learned right away to know where things were located, Chef can get pretty pissy if he has to keep stopping to explain. And I learned to get busy cleaning something (of my choice) in downtime w/out being asked, that way I didn't have to clean the fryer.

I enjoyed your post. Brings back memories and reminds me of all I have to be thankful for at this job

God love ya, girl, it's not easy, is it? I still come home from work so tired at night I literally can't remember getting into bed, the next morning.

Good luck this weekend!


Re: My Foray into a Pro Kitchen - bjcotton - 04-06-2007

That's what you get for volunteering Lorraine! Remember Colorado where you wanted in on everything? Well, your wish has come true!

During my days as a waiter I truly enjoyed it most of the time. Colorado was the only time I was in the boh and as far as I'm concerned it'll be the last too! It's too hot, too loud, too many people, too busy, and at times bewildering! I'm sure you recall me hiding out on occasion

But it sounds like you're having fun, good on ya!

Re: My Foray into a Pro Kitchen - Lorraine - 04-07-2007

"I still come home from work so tired at night"

LOL Yup. What amazes me is that they pump out this fabulous food all night. We ate toast with peanut butter when we got home. But, it's fun!!!!!

Re: My Foray into a Pro Kitchen - cjs - 04-08-2007

a cold beer never tasted as good as when I finished a shift!! Dos Equis (sp?) with me going enuf to get home!!!

Re: My Foray into a Pro Kitchen - DFen911 - 04-08-2007

Lorraine I loved your post! Lol it reminded me of my few days externing at the restaurant

You are gettng some priceless experience I'm actually envious.

Re: My Foray into a Pro Kitchen - pjcooks - 04-08-2007



What amazes me is that they pump out this fabulous food all night. We ate toast with peanut butter when we got home. But, it's fun!!!!!

I come home and really appreciate a glass of white wine and...peanut butter on saltines!!! Must be a comfort food, do you think?