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Slow-Cooker Question - bjcotton - 04-09-2007

My lil sis' slow-cooker bit the dust and we were wondering if the ceramic insert could be used in the oven. The only time I tried to use one other than in the cooker was on a burner that ended up with ceramic and potato soup all over the stove. In an oven it would be slower to heat, plus it would heat all around instead of just on the bottom. Any experience or ideas along this avenue?

Re: Slow-Cooker Question - Roxanne 21 - 04-09-2007

Not a clue!! Why would you put a slow cooker in the oven?? My experience with those is electric---duh to me!!

Are you talking about a stove top?? Again---not a clue---curious to know though.

Re: Slow-Cooker Question - cjs - 04-09-2007

uhhh, I'm with Rox on this one - why? (I can't believe you actually put one on a burner....bless your heart... )

Re: Slow-Cooker Question - vannin - 04-09-2007

Billy, I can't see why it wouldn't work in the oven, with long slow heat, just as intended. In fact I never use my slow cooker, just the enamelled cast iron in the oven for the day on a low heat.

Re: Slow-Cooker Question - pjcooks - 04-09-2007

You're trying to find a use for the removable insert, right? I would think that it would be ovensafe up to 350 degrees. Looking up info on inserts- AHA! Removeable stoneware inserts are oven and miocrowave safe. That's from the official CrockPot website.

Hope all is going well.


Re: Slow-Cooker Question - pjcooks - 04-09-2007

Roxanne, the original ones were all one piece. Then they smartened up and made the stoneware removable, they were such a PITA to wash.

My fav is an oval with a metal pan that I can sear on the stovetop, then slowcook all day long.

Does this clear it up a bit? I can see you shaking your head,. wondering why dear Billy is throwing his slow cooker in the oven


Re: Slow-Cooker Question - cjs - 04-09-2007

well, somewhere, sometime, someone mentioned they made the 18 hour bread in their slow cooker insert......

Re: Slow-Cooker Question - Harborwitch - 04-09-2007

That is a killer idea! I'll have to remember that for the next batch of 18 hour bread. I kept telling Bob I needed a different shaped thing to bake it in.

Re: Slow-Cooker Question - bjcotton - 04-09-2007

Thank you PJ my dear! That was just what I wanted to know. I was afraid no body would understand what my twisted mind wanted to know. Why throw away a perfectly good 6-qt oval ceramic, with lid, pot just because the bottom quit working? Since I have one, or two, or three at home I'll give her a replacement...round or oval?

Re: Slow-Cooker Question - pjcooks - 04-09-2007

You're most welcome.

Oval, I would think. More options!