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Where was it? - bjcotton - 04-09-2007

The shortcut to the website talking about sprouting things? Maryann, did you email it to me? I can't find it anywhere, CRS ya know!

Re: Where was it? - Ron - 04-10-2007

It's probably in The Twilight Zone - right next to my saffron recipe.

Re: Where was it? - Mare749 - 04-10-2007

This is one of them, Billy. There are some others you could check out as well. Just google sprouting seeds.


Re: Where was it? - bjcotton - 04-10-2007

Good thought Ron..around my house there are many things in the Twilight Zone

Re: Where was it? - cjs - 04-10-2007

didn't anyone around here know his middle name???

Billy J Twilight Cotton?????

Re: Where was it? - bjcotton - 04-10-2007

Another good one Well, I stopped at Bob's Red Mill and got some radish, cabbage, golden flax, and mung bean seeds, AND a jar to sprout them in!

Re: Where was it? - Mare749 - 04-10-2007

Wow, you're going to have a great time sprouting. Only one problem though, you need more jars, one for each. Some only take 3-4 days, others may take 5.


Re: Where was it? - bjcotton - 04-10-2007

We mixed some cabbage and radish seeds to start our first bunch and it does say 3-4 days. I know the seeds available at Bob's Red Mill haven't been treated with chemicals, but I don't know how they were treat...baked, just dried or what. I know I got about 3 ounces of Mung beans for $1.30 which is a lot cheaaper than elsewhere.

Re: Where was it? - cjs - 04-11-2007

you guys are getting my interest back up in sprouts - don't know why I haven't done them for so long, we just love them...especially the radish.

Re: Where was it? - vannin - 04-11-2007

You are going to so enjoy yourself Billy.