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Rhubarb. - vannin - 04-14-2007

Not everyone likes this of course, but I love it. It is just now appearing in the shops, and is a perfect candidate for bottling (canning). I shall have to keep my eye out for that available by the case. Does anyone else bottle this?

Re: Rhubarb. - esgunn - 04-14-2007

I have never canned. Mine is coming in now. My mom used to make Rhubarb sauce. Ate it almost like soup. I just loved it. I think my kids would think it is too sour.

I may have to look into canning it.

Re: Rhubarb. - Half_Baked - 04-14-2007

Mr HB's mom canned it every year. I tried to make it one year but I thought it was very sour due to being too old or too I kept adding sugar. It melted the enamel off my teeth!

Re: Rhubarb. - Ron - 04-14-2007

We had a small patch of rhubarb when I was growing up. I liked it raw with salt on it. My mother made pies or crisps with it. She also made a sauce, but tempered it with a couple T of orange juice.

Re: Rhubarb. - Half_Baked - 04-14-2007

Yes, it was always made into a pie or crisp...I think she mixed it with strawberries, too.

Re: Rhubarb. - vannin - 04-14-2007

I mixed the few stalks I bought with apple, sugar added. We ate it with breakfast cereal and cream.

Re: Rhubarb. - Lyndee - 04-15-2007

I find cooking my rhubarb in the oven much better than stovetop. Just oil your tray, lay the rhubarb chunks out and sprinkle liberally with your sugar (brown or white) Roast off in a 180 deg oven until soft. The rhubarb will release juice so just keep an eye on it and reduce heat if that starts to burn.
Dont forget to make rhubarb muffins. They along with feijoa ones are my absolute favourite. Top with a streusel mix and heaven has been reached!

Re: Rhubarb. - vannin - 04-15-2007

I have never put it in the oven, something to try.