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Dole Fruit in jars... - Ron - 04-14-2007

I just noticed in the market's latest sale flyer that they are advertising several varieties of Dole fruit in plastic jars. Is this a new product? Is it different/better than fruit in cans?

Re: Dole Fruit in jars... - Roxanne 21 - 04-14-2007

Can't comment but sure wish I could----don't get those "exotics" here----

Re: Dole Fruit in jars... - Mare749 - 04-14-2007

We got them here either last year or the year before, can't remember now, but I have never tried them.


Re: Dole Fruit in jars... - Half_Baked - 04-14-2007

I've never seen them in Jars...hmmmmm.

Re: Dole Fruit in jars... - vannin - 04-14-2007

Maybe it is a visual thing, they are enticing us with suggestions of the good old preserving days.

Re: Dole Fruit in jars... - bjcotton - 04-14-2007

Either that or showing us the actual contents unstead of a stylized label might be a good selling point.

Re: Dole Fruit in jars... - foodfiend - 04-14-2007

I found these in the refrigerated part of our grocery store's produce section. Last summer I bought a jar of ruby red grapefruit for a granite (not the rock, the icy dessert) and it worked out fine. I do think that the fresh grapefruit would have had a better flavor, though, but at that time of year grapefruit are pricey (although the jarred version isn't cheap, either...).

Re: Dole Fruit in jars... - Ron - 04-15-2007

I always buy fresh fruit when available, avoiding canned if at all possible - don't like the heavy syrup. Some frozen fruits are okay, some aren't. Some fruits aren't even available frozen. These are in clear plastic jars - $1.85 for 24.5 ounces. Tropical Fruit, Peaches, Pineapple, Mandarin Orange or Mixed Fruit. If they look decent I'll pick up a jar or two this week.

Re: Dole Fruit in jars... - SDRecipeGirl - 04-15-2007

I've bought these before. They're a little pricier, it seems, than the canned (I guess because they look more enticing??). I don't know if there is much, if any, difference between the plastic and the canned. I too prefer fresh fruit of course when available, but I do pick up this once in a while for a quickie fruit over cottage cheese.

Re: Dole Fruit in jars... - foodfiend - 04-15-2007

Okay, I'm on the same page as you now. I have seen these on the shelves beside the canned fruit before, but have never bought them since I rarely buy canned fruit. What I was talking about were a different product-- "fresh" fruit in jars in the refrigerated section. Pricier than the fruit on the shelves.