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New Toy .........Need Help - farnfam - 04-17-2007

Today I found an "Extreme Blending Machine" gadget at Aldi's. The box claimed it could peel, grind, grate, chop, juice etc. The one I had at home was fritzing out anyway, so I picked this up.
It's got two blades, whipping and chopping. Lots of small and medium size cups that look like parfait glasses but fit the blades and have storage covers. And a juice extractor thingy. You can't change speeds that I can see, but it's quite powerful. The part I need help with is, it had very basic instructions for assembly, a smoothie recipe and not much else. So I'd like ideas and hints on using the accessories and recipes for stuff besides smoothies. Many thanks oh wise ones, I await the sharing of your abundant knowledge (bows respectfully and sits down)
Checking on the net, I now see this is something like a Magic Bullet type blender except it's got a pitcher too

Re: New Toy .........Need Help - cjs - 04-18-2007

22 views of this thread and no one can help you with your new toy...and I'm #23 - I haven't the faintest idea what the devil you have, Cis!!

Any other day Billy would be here and probably know exactly what you have.

Wish I could help - geez, you gadget freaks...

Re: New Toy .........Need Help - Ron - 04-18-2007

I'm #24 and also don't have a clue. Where is Ron Pepeil when you really need him?

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Re: New Toy .........Need Help - Half_Baked - 04-18-2007

I bought one for my sister a few years ago at Christmas and she thought it was great.

We have infomercials about the Magic Bullet all the time.

Let's see how much I can remember.
Put cheese, tomatos/rotel and spices in the 'cup', mix it nad zap it in the microwave for chili con queso.
Mix meat of choice with mayo and seasonings of choice for salads.
Daiquiris of course.
Individual omeletes.

Maybe the Magic Blender site will have the video of the infomercial.

Here are some videos from the website:

Re: New Toy .........Need Help - bjcotton - 04-18-2007

Is that what you have Cis? A Magic Bullet? If so, I'm with the rest of the crowd, haven't the foggiest

Re: New Toy .........Need Help - Roxanne 21 - 04-18-2007

Outta my league-----

Re: New Toy .........Need Help - farnfam - 04-18-2007

Yes, it seems to be a knock off of the Magic Bullet. It wasn't overly expensive either, tho'the Bullet is. Aldi's will often do that,ie: make a 'special purchase' and offer it to customers at an excellent price, but when they're gone, they're gone.
Anyway, yes, I have a Magic Bullet type blender and the site had tons of suggestions. This morning I made a single serve Hearth Bread and a ham and swiss omelet. It was easy and no mess at all. I had no idea what I was buying, just thought it was a blender with lots of attachments
When I see how much I saved I'm extra happy with my new toy!! Thanks for the tips amigos, I am having FUN!!
btw, Steve, we had a green Christmas (not a bit of snow) and a white Easter. Very Weird indeed