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No Internet #*!!@*# Verizon! - pjcooks - 04-18-2007

The station on the Lamprey flooded so badly during the Nor'Easter it may be 5 weeks or more before we get our internet and phones back. My mom has Comcast, so she's okay. Epping had the most rain in the state, over 6 inches on Monday alone, everything's flooded. We're okay though, have power and we're dry, just no communication w/ the outside world. (My cell's sporadic, towers down)

I'll come in each day to see how you're all doing, I miss you all! Billy, I replied to your email, thanks!

How is everyone else doing, who has been affected by this storm? This is 3 times in a year for NH, what's going on?


Re: No Internet #*!!@*# Verizon! - cjs - 04-18-2007

God, I can't imagine going thru a winter like you all have this year!! Glad to hear you're safe and O.K. has everyone else from that area checked in??

Re: No Internet #*!!@*# Verizon! - Ron - 04-18-2007

We have had incredibly dry years the last several. I don't know how I'll be able to launch my boat next year if we don't get good rains this spring. It seems some areas (yours) are getting too much and others (mine) are getting too little.

Re: No Internet #*!!@*# Verizon! - Half_Baked - 04-18-2007

We're 8-10" short of rain this year and are on water restriction. I can only water my garden in the morning, every other day.

I have the Comcast people coming out here for the 2nd time this month and there are no storm excuses here.

Re: No Internet #*!!@*# Verizon! - vannin - 04-18-2007

It is one of those glorious clear, warm autumn days here, so welcome after all that rain. The grass pixies are pushing the grass up with mischievious determination, and DH is attacking from above with his mechanical sythe, trying to reduce the effects of their rampant behaviour, with equal verve. It's a battle, to be sure.

Re: No Internet #*!!@*# Verizon! - pjcooks - 04-19-2007

Jan and Ron, I'd be happy to share! For many of us, this is just a nuisance, but for many more, it's the 2nd or 3rd time in a year that their homes have been flooded. I can't imagine waking up to a foot or two of water in my kitchen.

Till later-


Re: No Internet #*!!@*# Verizon! - Ron - 04-19-2007

We would definitley be glad to take a good portion of that rain off your hands. Last year we were on the verge of totally losing lawns due to the drought, and this year isn't shaping up any better. I think that the earth is in the process of undergoing a major climate change. It seems that moderaration in climate is being replaced by excess. We broke several daily highs this winter by 5-6 degrees

Re: No Internet #*!!@*# Verizon! - pjcooks - 04-19-2007

Our winter was very war (comparatively speaking). We had a lot of 40-50 degree days in Jan. We're getting winter this spring, but it's easier to deal with winter in spring than dealing with winter in winter. Except for the flooding now.

Yup, somethings up, alright.