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Fried Tortilla Green Beans - bethcross - 04-19-2007

My DD has been after for me for months to go to a chain restaurant that's been advertising a fried green bean appetizer. It hasn't been a priority, I'm afraid.

So, with a great squeal of excitement, she pounced upon the latest issue of C@H when she saw the recipe for Tortilla Fried Green Beans. We had to get the ingredients for the beans and sauce that very day.

Now, I have to say I was sceptical. I HATE frying food - it seems time-consuming and definitely makes a mess. We all know it's not healthy and frying vegetables, well, it just seems anti-healthy, kinda like frying Twinkies and Snickers bars.

Anyway, tonight I bit the bullet before all the produce we bought the other day went south. I followed the recipe exactly, including the avocado dipping sauce. I thought "This will never work." I couldn't believe you weren't supposed to at least blanch the beans first. I thought that enough of the batter and crumbs weren't clinging to the beans (but then, I always think that).

I told DH and kids I wasn't into this project, even as I was scooping the beans out of the hot oil.

I finished cooking the burgers on the grill and let everyone else help themselves to the green beans first.

And I have to say - I was WRONG! They were pretty near awesome! The flavor of the coating was very good (except there wasn't enough of it on the beans - there never is) and by gum if those usually undercooked green beans weren't perfectly cooked through after their sole minute in the hot oil!

Well, I am a mature woman. I can admit when I'm wrong. DS gave me grief for not making enough. They aren't something I'd want to make everyday, and I'm certainly not a frying convert, but this one recipe was pretty darned tasty.

Cheers - Beth

Re: Fried Tortilla Green Beans - farnfam - 04-19-2007

They sound yummy to me,Beth. I'd love to try them, what issue is that? Either that recipe got by me, or maybe I didn't get that issue yet.
By the way WELCOME!

Re: Fried Tortilla Green Beans - cjs - 04-19-2007

oh my, another mission!! I don't remember seeing them either!

Re: Fried Tortilla Green Beans - esgunn - 04-19-2007

They are in the new issue June #63.

There are also recipes for Fried Parmesan Zucchini, and Fried Sesame Broccolini.

Re: Fried Tortilla Green Beans - TwilightKitten - 04-19-2007

Thank you for that lovely review! I haven't gotten that issue yet, but I sure look forward to it!

Re: Fried Tortilla Green Beans - Half_Baked - 04-19-2007

When my FIL visited, he kept talking about a recipe similar to this but he didn't know the details. He'll be tickled if I can make them for him during his next visit.*

* Praying for patience.