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Site Problems? - DFen911 - 05-01-2007

Has anyone clicked on "My Home" recently? I can't get to it as it errors out. Wasn't sure if it was just me and didn't want to report it till I knew

Re: Site Problems? - Mare749 - 05-01-2007

I just tried and the same thing happened to me. At least I got on the forum though. This morning, I couldn't get on at all.

Hey Denise, how's it going? We all miss hearing from you!


Re: Site Problems? - TwilightKitten - 05-01-2007

Mine doesn't work either...and yeah, I couldn't get on the forums last night. Thank goodness it works now!

Post deleted by sysadmin - - 05-01-2007

Re: Site Problems? - DFen911 - 05-01-2007

Ok I'll report it. They probably know already but what the heck.

Maryann - I'm great! I have been so busy getting the business started. I have my first 'paid' assignment coming up. A full sit dinner for 8. I'm very excited and nervous. I'm doing a traditional Italian dinner, 5 courses.

Mushroom/Basil Ravioli with a cheese cream sauce and white truffle oil.
Sauteed beef tenderloin with arugula
Roasted greenbeans with tomatos

I've also been continuing my education through USPCA.

I'm going to practice my dinner on my neighbors I figure this way I can at least go through the motions and I know the stove I'm cooking on will be a 6-burner like mine so that helps a lot.

I'll keep you all posted

Re: Site Problems? - Half_Baked - 05-01-2007

Denise that sounds superb! You're smoking hot these days!

lol, as you always were.

Re: Site Problems? - pjcooks - 05-01-2007

Good to hear from you, Denise. I was having problems too, decided to use that downtime to cleanup my computer a bit.

Your menu sounds delicious, break a leg!


Re: Site Problems? - Roxanne 21 - 05-01-2007

YUP!!! Had the same problem. I usually check in the morning to see what's happened during you day/evening chats and spent EIGHT hours trying to log on. Got to the site but could not access the forum. Anyway, sent a message to "contact us" and about an hour later things were up and running---more problems lately than should be happening. I do not see this any where else I navigate....oh well, at least we are together again

GO DENISE!!!! You certainly are an inspiration---that menu sounds to die for Italian!!! GOOD LUCK!!! No need to be nervous--you have it in the bag!!!!

Re: Site Problems? - bjcotton - 05-01-2007

Same here with the problem...still have it at "My Home." I decided to heck with it and it'd make for an early night.. didn't work Oh well, today's another day. Isn't it?

Denise I know several individuals you could practice on all the time. The trouble is getting it from there to here, or us from here to there

Re: Site Problems? - Mare749 - 05-01-2007

Wow, Denise, that menu rocks! You'll be great. Keep us posted on your exciting new career.