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Chicken & Dumplings - Review - cjs - 05-14-2007

I'm not a big Chicken & dumpling fan - always just too bland a dish for me, but when P.J. mentioned the warning to the heat in the C@H recipe, I thot that better be the one I try. Of course Roy was over the moon with this dish - he loves dumplings!! And I must admit I really enjoyed it also, tho I think it was the chicken part I liked best.

I used the called for amount of cayenne (in fact, I stuck exactly to the recipe) and we both loved it.

And as a bonus, I found a way to heat the dumplings that worked great. I zapped them in the microwave! I had planned on asking all you dumpling lovers how you heat yours when you have leftovers, but I didn't have the computer on when there was an urgent request for 'MORE DUMPLINGS'

overall, surpising my own self, I'd give this dish a very high 8 or 9!!
I'll make this again next winter, I'm sure. I'll try Fredia's favorite also!!

Re: Chicken & Dumplings - Review - Lorraine - 05-14-2007

I made Billy's recipe. ( I had made it several times in the past). It morphed into Chicken and Noodles.

I used 2 small chickens. I used about 4 X more fresh thyme and parsley than called for. I had made pasta dough (not quite sure what I was thinking) so instead of dumplings, I added some pasta "rags" and cooked them in the broth with the chicken and veggies.

This is definitely a keeper. I'd give it an 8.5.

Re: Chicken & Dumplings - Review - Mare749 - 05-14-2007

I decided to make the C@H recipe this time since Billy's recipe is very close to my own. We absolutely loved this dish because it had a little heat to it. The combination of vegetables really added something special and smelled awesome.

I have to admit to being a bit skeptical about trying this recipe. Ron is a good sport about trying new meals (most of the time) but not as often as I would like to. You can imagine how delighted I was when he kept saying how good it was.

One thing I would do differently next time is cut slightly larger pieces of the sweet potato. I was afraid they wouldn't cook through so I cut them smaller than I should have. The recipe does say cut into large chunks, but not how large.

This dish is definately a keeper for colder weather.


P.S. Jean, how large did you cut your sweet potatoes?

Re: Chicken & Dumplings - Review - farnfam - 05-14-2007

This was very yummy. We loved the flavors of the spices and the leek was a nice touch. The dumplings were so light and tasty. I did the whole thing stovetop and was very satisfied with the turnout. My fast solution to the demand for more dumplings was to pop in a few canned biscuit doughs. They puffed up very nicely, but just couldn't compete with the flavor of the [Email]C@H[/Email] ones. Great recipe, total comfort cold weather food. Worked out great as it wasn't warm here at all yesterday. Tasty, and fairly uncomplicated, we give it an 8. Will do again
In response to the "What size did you cut veggies" question: not sure, maybe it was 3/4" but maybe a bit smaller. Couldn't get sweet taters, planned to add corn instead, but forgot. Still we loved it. We split what little was left as a before lunch snack.

Re: Chicken & Dumplings - Review - cjs - 05-14-2007

mI cut my sweet tatos and parsnips both about 3/4"squares.
What did you do, Cis?

I had a bowl of it for breakfast (sans the dumplings, wouldn't want to deprive roy rogers...)this a.m. - geez, it has great flavor!!

Re: Chicken & Dumplings - Review - Roxanne 21 - 05-14-2007

I did the C@H recipe as well only cuz I'm a loyalist-- The flavors in the dish were very complimentary--and the veggies are some of my favorites. I also used about 3/4" chunks for the sweet potatoes and the parsnips--I actually found them!!!

We are not big fans of this type of dish---but this was a very pleasnat change of pace and will most definitely do again.

Changes I made---I used chichen breast meat instead of the thigh---lower fat contact--but cooked them for a shorter period of time---nice and moist and tender in the finished dish.

I have made dumplings in the past and they were always heavy and bland---these were sooo nice and light and fluffy, tasty---my go to recipe in the future for dumplings!!!

Yep---a solid 8 in our book!!!

Now I want to try Billy's (Fredia's) for comparison!! It's coming on winter here so we will have many comfort meal recipes for a while!!!

Good suggestion--for the nest meal---LOL

Re: Chicken & Dumplings - Review - Lorraine - 05-14-2007

"Good suggestion--for the nest meal---"

LOL Hope I haven't been kicked out of the nest by then!!!!

Re: Chicken & Dumplings - Review - bjcotton - 05-14-2007

I think you'll find my recipe pretty bland next to the CAH one. We'll be going to Portland next week so I plan to make that recipe there. I haven't looked at the dumpling part of the recipe, but y'all make it sound excellent.

Re: Chicken & Dumplings - Review - pjcooks - 05-14-2007

3 times today I tried to post and lost my (Verizon) when I tried to submit. Here we go again...

I really loved this. As I mentioned, the heat would have been an issue, so I picked up my marbles, er, pot, and went (to my former) home, where the ex and the middle guy loved it, as I did.

I used the boneless skinless chix thighs (great flavor) and cut my sweets about 1 inch dice. I steamed half the dumplings in the braise, oven baked the rest. Good thing, when the guys wanted more, I tossed them in the pot and as they warmed up, they absorbed enough moisture to make them nice and moist. I may always do it that way, I liked the way the tops were a little crispy but the rest was moist.
I enjoyed making and eatting this. I'm glad my ex husband and my boys are good sports!

Now, on to thinking about the Gemini birthdays and grilling (got your message, Jean!)


Has anyone tried Billy's? I'm planning on doing this on Wed, I think, for The Picky One. Of course, when I serve it, I'll have to make it look like I cooked everything separatelyWink

Oh, forgot to mention I added fresh sage and rosemary to the dumplings (or was I supposed to anyways?) no matter, very good.

Re: Chicken & Dumplings - Review - cjs - 05-14-2007

sounds like another winner for all of us!! Love this!