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Mom's Tomato Puree (for freezing) - Mare749 - 05-17-2007

Tomato Puree (for freezing)

Mash, and quarter 8 pounds of unpeeled tomatoes.
Chop: 4 green peppers, 6 stalks of celery, and 2 onions
Add these to the tomatoes
Add: 2 cloves garlic, minced; and 1 tsp. oregano

Simmer all together for a full hour, stirring occasionally to avoid scorching. Do not add any water.

After an hour's cooking, put the tomatoes through a Foley Food Mill or colander, to remove skins, etc. Put pulp into top of double boiler. Cook until this is reduced to the consistency of a medium white sauce. You may even cook it longer and concentrate it still more.

Stir in 2 tsp. salt and 1/2 tsp. pepper.


Re: Mom's Tomato Puree (for freezing) - cjs - 05-17-2007

oh Maryann, this is very similar to one I used to do - I love it! Thanks so much. duly on the the 'gravy' post!!

Re: Mom's Tomato Puree (for freezing) - esgunn - 10-02-2009

Maryann, I am curious about what you might use this puree for?

Like a marinara, in sauces, like a tomato paste?

Re: Mom's Tomato Puree (for freezing) - Gourmet_Mom - 10-02-2009

Good question, Erin. I'm thinking she uses it in her tomato based sauces...sounds good doesn't it! Nothing like a REAL Italian way of doing tomato sauces! I never even thought of doing puree...less room in the freezer than tomatoes or marinara. This sounds like a good base! Are you still drowning in tomatoes?!?!?!

Now to keep this on top until Sunday so she'll see it...LOL!

Re: Mom's Tomato Puree (for freezing) - esgunn - 10-05-2009

Bumping for Maryann.

Maryann, just curious what this type of sauce was used for - as a basis for other sauce, straight on pasta or meats...

Re: Mom's Tomato Puree (for freezing) - luvnit - 10-05-2009

I have a bunch of tomatoes, a cold and cloudy day... Perfect day to make this. The house will smell great and will keep my kitchen warm.

Re: Mom's Tomato Puree (for freezing) - Mare749 - 10-05-2009

Oh, now I know which sauce you were asking about, Erin! Yes, that recipe was from my mom and I forgot all about it!

To answer your question, yes, my mom would use it in her spaghetti sauce or "gravy" as some Italians refer to it. It can be thinned with water or broth if it gets too thick.

My mother-in-law also has her own version of this and would mostly use it for chili during the winter. I like to use it for soups and stews as well.

Re: Mom's Tomato Puree (for freezing) - esgunn - 10-05-2009

Thanks Maryann!