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Keeping a bit by... - vannin - 05-18-2007

Does anyone else 'keep a bit by'? I mean for when hurricanes strike and so on. Poor old US seems to be clobbered on a regular basis with extremes of weather we just do not have here. And for all we are called the 'Shakey Isles' and earthquakes are common, they are small and cause little damage.

Re: Keeping a bit by... - bjcotton - 05-18-2007

Just what's in the pantry and freezers Dale. Probably last a month. Water would be the thing since Fredia can't drink the local stuff with all the krap floating around.

Re: Keeping a bit by... - Mare749 - 05-18-2007

I would have to say that's about what we have around here too. Maybe a months worth except for water. We're pretty lucky where I live. The worst weather we get is lake effect snow, but that only ties us down for a day or so.


Re: Keeping a bit by... - pjcooks - 05-19-2007

We could survive a day or two with scrambled eggs and grilled cheese sandwiches. Cookies and cakes and breads etc., for a very long time, those ingredients I stockpile (I got nervous the other day day when I realized I only had 2 sheets of parchment left [taught semi- stepson to use parchment for everything, had nightmares of scrubbing pans], had to reorder pronto). That's about it!

My folks, however, hell, I'll just visit them