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Peppercorns... - Ron - 05-19-2007

I've used Tones Peppercorns for some time. Recently I bought some Penzeys for the first time. They seem very hard and don't grind as well as the Tones. I have a good mill (Unicorn) and grinding never seemed to be a problem before. Anyone have any experience with the Penzeys? Or peppercorns in general?

Re: Peppercorns... - foodfiend - 05-19-2007

Ron, this is weird-- I did the opposite. I've bought Penzey's spices (incl peppercorns) for years but I forgot to pick them up last week so I picked up Tomes brand at Sam's Club the other day.

I have 2 Pugeot mills which I use and I went into the kitchen to give it a try. I noticed a subtle a difference in grinding between the Tomes (in one mill) and the last of my Penzey's Sarawak (in the other mill). The Tomes peppercorns seemed to grind a bit easier. Maybe you now have a different variety of peppercorn now than you're used to, and the Penzeys is a "harder" variety?

Re: Peppercorns... - bjcotton - 05-19-2007

Personally, I use out of Kirkland, WA and have always found their peppercorns superior.

Re: Peppercorns... - vannin - 05-20-2007

Awe heck u guys, I just pick up the wholesalers brand. Trying to make me feel inadequate aren't you. ;Þ

Re: Peppercorns... - Ron - 05-20-2007


The Tomes peppercorns seemed to grind a bit easier.

Thanks, Vicci, glad to know my oars aren't totally out of the water. Penzeys said that if you haven't tried their peppercorns before, to start with the Tellicherry, so I did. If the Sarawak are also harder, I guess I'll go back to Tones - I also get a more uniform grind with Tones, which I prefer. I use Penzeys for almost everything else, but it looks like this is going to be the exception

Re: Peppercorns... - foodfiend - 05-20-2007

Ron, I think that the Telicherry and the Sarawak are both similar in composition because I've never noticed a difference. I usually have each variety in each mill and I'm hoping that I'd notice a difference... I use the Telicherry for most recipes, but those where pepper is a very dominant flavor I prefer the Sarawak since it has a more bolder flavor. So I think...

Re: Peppercorns... - bjcotton - 05-20-2007

I agree Vicci. I have both of those berries and I've got a Lampong from Indonesia, a Talamanca Del Caribe from Ecuador, and a Malabar from India. I haven't tried the last three yet. I ordered a trial mixed package from Pepper-Passion and got 4 oz packages of all 5 types.