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Dessert Recipe - bjcotton - 05-25-2007

Did we ever get a recipe for that triple layer dessert we were all drooling over? I looked and looked but can't remember what thread it was in.

Re: Dessert Recipe - Roxanne 21 - 05-25-2007

I've been waiting for that one too---even if I just keep for a really special dessert fest!!! I think Vicci posted somewhere along the way----CRS HITS AGAIN!!!

Re: Dessert Recipe - cjs - 05-26-2007

speaking of CRS - wanna see it big time? Check out the Asian (darn) Pork (darn) recipe (damnation...)

Re: Dessert Recipe - bjcotton - 05-30-2007

Aaah, here it is...anyone remember who posted the picture? If we knew we could bug them about it

Re: Dessert Recipe - pjcooks - 05-30-2007

I believe it was my birthday cake that Vicci posted, Billy. Are you reallly into baking? I have a wonderful multi layered chocolate cake (cake, meringue, ganache, buttercream something else, w/a choc rum sauce) that won first place in a local competition, I'd have to snail mail you the recipe, it's a labor of love, for sure!


Re: Dessert Recipe - pjcooks - 05-30-2007

Replying to myself once again, I must get a life or a better way of posting)

[Image: DeathbyChocolate.jpg]

That's the cookbook pic, but mine was very close, it was very easy, just time consuming.

Too cool, isn't it? I don't even remember what I won, just happy that I did!


Edited to add, only 1354 calories per slice, serves 12

Re: Dessert Recipe - foodfiend - 05-30-2007

PJ, that cake is awesome! You should have won more than just one measley ol' prize with it. And low cal, to boot!

Billy, this one is by the Quality Bakery in Invermere, BC. They can't ***** out of their immediate area, but it may be worth a road-trip! It's called a Chocolate Cheesecake. I wish I knew the recipe...

[Image: chocchsck400.jpg]

Re: Dessert Recipe - Roxanne 21 - 05-31-2007

I'm not getting the images guys!!! Sure would love to see them----I (read:WE) LOVE desserts and a very special one is definitely in the cards!!! PJ---you should be soooo very proud!!! A labor of love is that much more special with a bit of recognition----in adddition to the ooohs and aaahs of the family---don't ya think???

Re: Dessert Recipe - bjcotton - 05-31-2007

I emailed you the picture Roxanne. I also Googled the bakery and sent them an email begging for the recipe

Re: Dessert Recipe - pjcooks - 05-31-2007

Thanks, Vicci!

This might be easy to deconstruct. An Oreo crust, a layer of chocolate cheesecake, a layer of plain cheesecake, a chocolate ganache to top it off with some of those chocolate filigree things.

What do you think? I make a pumpkin cheesecake, layered the same way, every Thanksgiving, with a gingersnap crust.