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pjcooks - Barbarainnc - 05-29-2007

I got your email! Did you realize both links were for the same page? I printed if off and added it to my collection of Danish Pastry recipes. Thanks so much!! I tried to email you back, but it was sent back undeliverable. So I posted here. Thanks so much!!!

Re: pjcooks - pjcooks - 05-29-2007

Sorry! I'm kinda new to converting documents so I'm not surprised I messed it up, will try again!

And you're welcome! Just sent it to the both of us and it's okay now

I wonder why I'm undeliverable


Re: pjcooks - bjcotton - 05-29-2007

What are you trying to do PJ? Maybe I can help. Normally when you get an "undeliverable" message you've messed up the email addy or if it's a hotmail addy it can only hold so many emails and then it sends an "undeliverable" message. Don't know about yahoo though.

Re: pjcooks - pjcooks - 05-29-2007

Hi, Billy,

She received my email, but she couldn't send one back to me. Maybe Verizon is acting up again, it always does. However, I did get yours yesterday, I'll let you know how it turns out, it's on this weeks menu!

Thanks for your help, Billy.


Re: pjcooks - bjcotton - 05-29-2007

Are you going to try that Roast Ginger Chicken? I'm planning on making that this just sounds so good.

Re: pjcooks - pjcooks - 05-30-2007


Are you going to try that Roast Ginger Chicken?

Yes I am, Billy, I emailed you. I'm pretty sure I can get the Picky One to eat that. You know, today's a good day for chicken, I'll let you know how it comes out.

Thanks again for the recipe, I appreciate it!


Re: pjcooks - cjs - 05-30-2007

oops - I've already started a thread on that recipe!!! (I thnk even picky-one will enjoy this one, p.j. )

Re: pjcooks - bjcotton - 05-30-2007

I was just looking at your screen name PJ and decided it was very apt! PJ does indeed cook!