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Elizabeth and Campbell. - vannin - 06-02-2007

Well now, wota day!

Most of you knew Campbell was away in Canada for four months for his accounting firm. Yesterday he came back, his usual laconic self. I did ask him if he would be staying for the long weekend, he said no, of course, but he said he would stay for lunch, which Elizabeth specially prepared. I will get the recipe from her, it was delicious.

I thought Lizzie was up to something, she was a bit giggly, so was Rochelle (Christian's girlfriend). Christian was wearing a dopey grin, something was up.

ELIZABETH AND QUINN ARE ENGAGED. I didn't notice the ring for quite a while, she wears quite a few really good rings, but then I saw IT. I am thrilled out of my mind. It is about time. She is 30 and Quinn is 32. At last, the prospect of grandchildren, although they are not planning to marry until April.

So Cloud 9 is where I am at now. This is so good dear people.

Re: Elizabeth and Campbell. - foodfiend - 06-02-2007

[Image: C133641PP.jpg]

(yikes! That's a big ring!)

Congratulations Elizabeth & Quinn!

Dale, you sound "over the moon"!

Re: Elizabeth and Campbell. - bjcotton - 06-02-2007

Give them my best wishes Dale. I remember you lamenting ever getting grandchildren.

Vicci, I want one of those

Re: Elizabeth and Campbell. - Mare749 - 06-02-2007

Dale, what wonderful news! I know you are just thrilled. Congratulations to all of you. I know how you feel about the grandbabies, I was soooooooooo ready!


Re: Elizabeth and Campbell. - Half_Baked - 06-03-2007

Dale, how exciting! I bet your mind is running wild with ideas to make their wedding super special.

Re: Elizabeth and Campbell. - pjcooks - 06-04-2007

How wonderful for all of you, Dale! Congratulations all around, only 11 months to plan!


Re: Elizabeth and Campbell. - vannin - 06-04-2007

Thank you, kind people for your good wishes. They have changed from April to 8th December. They have decided on 23rd of this month for their engagement party. I am provisionally thinking of a fork food luncheon buffet, but it is more what Elizabeth wants, Quinn doesn't care, he just wants to get married. ;Þ