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Got my "Secrets from a Caterer's Kitchen" today! - pjcooks - 06-09-2007

This book is great, Jean, thanks for recommending it. Lots of advice, recipes, quantities-most importantly, a reminder of those things I need to provide. I tend to forget that the things I take for granted at work are indeed, AT WORK, and not at home. (Am I alone in blurring work and home? maybe I should add "at my new age" before someone else does-are your ears ringing, Billy?

Thanks again for the advice. Looking forward to reading cover to cover!


Re: Got my "Secrets from a Caterer's Kitchen" today! - cjs - 06-09-2007

pj, I don't know whether to post this here or p.m. you...well, I've started now, maybe will be a little interesting to some other...Denise?

You haven't ask for it, but here is a punch that every party we ever served it, and there were lots, Roy had to go out and buy more ingredients to keep up. Even alcohol drinkers loved it. I thot of it as you were talking about the 'olderly' folks party you may do.


Recipe By: a Chef's Journey

34 ozs bottle carbonated water, chilled
34 ozs ginger ale, chilled
24 ounces unsweetened white grape juice, chilled
Ice cubes or party ice cubes (see below)

In a lg. pitcher combine carbonated water, ginger ale, & grape juice.
Pour over ice cubes in chilled champagne glasses or wine glasses (or punch bowl).

Serve immediately. Makes about 20 4-oz. servings.

FOR PARTY ICE: Place small pcs. of fruit (berries or tiny citrus wedges), small sprigs of fresh mint, or 1/2" strips of orange peel into the compartments of ice cube trays. Add enuf water to fill, then freeze.

"20 4-oz servings"

NOTES : Party guests love this 'punch' - Be sure to take extra.

And from Nicole's book, these are some of the favorites over the years -
Sesame Eggplant Salsa, pg. 152
Sun-Dried Tomato and pesto Torta, pg. 156
roasted Beet Salad w/Gorgonzola, pg. 184

I'll stop - you'll find your own favorites!! have fun.

Re: Got my "Secrets from a Caterer's Kitchen" today! - pjcooks - 06-09-2007

Definately one to keep in the queu, Jean, good for any party where alcohol might not be a good idea.

Thanks! Copied and printed, someday I'll learn how to use Master Cook.


Re: Got my "Secrets from a Caterer's Kitchen" today! - Mare749 - 06-09-2007

Jean's recipe for Faux Champagne is excellent. I have made that a few times and it's always a hit, and we always have to make more. The first time I made it was for my daughter's baby shower 2 years ago and she's right, even the alcohol drinkers really liked it. Very fun!

Jean, I just want to add: we're always interested in any advice you are sharing. We all cook, we all entertain, and all advice is helpful! So bring it on, please!


Re: Got my "Secrets from a Caterer's Kitchen" today! - bjcotton - 06-09-2007

Had to go check to make sure I had that recipe Jean I have most of the recipes you have posted. I'm going to begin moving them to my new cookbook, "Jean's Recipes." I was only going to put the recipes in there that you collected for your books, but I think I will winnow all of your recipes into it. I have several different cookbooks, but only one that I keep copies of ALL recipes in. Then I don't have to skip from book to book to find something.

Re: Got my "Secrets from a Caterer's Kitchen" today! - HomeCulinarian - 06-09-2007

Thanx - I've added the punch recipe to my ever growing MasterCook recipe collection.

I'm going to get a copy of this book. Sounds like a great resource for quantity cooking and entertaining!

Re: Got my "Secrets from a Caterer's Kitchen" today! - cjs - 06-10-2007

HC, you'll really get some great tips and ideas from her book, you won't be sorry.

Catering is hard darn work, but it's also so fun and you meet (mostly...) the greatest folks. I loved it.

Re: Got my "Secrets from a Caterer's Kitchen" today! - esgunn - 06-10-2007

I second the comment on sharing your knowledge. I don't entertain large groups - but end up once or twice a year doing it. It is always helpful to have the tips - and great to have the recipes.

I have been on the look out for a good punch. Thanks for sharing!

Re: Got my "Secrets from a Caterer's Kitchen" today! - farnfam - 06-11-2007

Ummmmmm, I was wondering if maybe I could have the recipe for Sesame Eggplant Salsa, pretty please, O most honorable ones, and thank you

Re: Got my "Secrets from a Caterer's Kitchen" today! - cjs - 06-12-2007

Cis, my scanner is out of kilter, so as soon as Great White Father gets up, I'll have him scan the recipe - it's kind of long to type out - and I'll post it. (have another cup of coffee )