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Tomato Pictures - piano226 - 06-14-2007

Here are some pictures of the tomatoes from last year. The big yellow ones are mr. stripey and the pinkish purple ones are Purple cherokee.

Re: Tomato Pictures - esgunn - 06-14-2007

They look Fabulous!

Re: Tomato Pictures - SDRecipeGirl - 06-14-2007

Wow, they're so pretty that they almost look like baskets of apples!

Re: Tomato Pictures - vannin - 06-14-2007

Utterly impressive. Real dinkum proper tomatoes. Good on you mate. I best they taste like heaven.

Re: Tomato Pictures - cjs - 06-15-2007

Oh, you have heirlooms also!! Love them!

[Image: tomat1.jpg]

Re: Tomato Pictures - Half_Baked - 06-15-2007

Beautiful! It does look like a basket of apples.

Re: Tomato Pictures - piano226 - 06-15-2007

Well thank you for all of your compliments. I love tomatoes ...when it is the season for them the question in the household is not WHATS FOR DINNER but the question is WHAT ARE WE HAVING WITH TOMATOES TODDAY?


Re: Tomato Pictures - Old Bay - 06-15-2007

When the tomatoes are gone summer has lost its usefulness and the dog days begin. Until then tomatoes of all colors make the season a joy for me. Yours are beautiful.

Re: Tomato Pictures - piano226 - 06-15-2007

Very well put....I live in the summer for those tomatoes. Nothing makes me happier than to go to the garden and pick a basketful of tomatoes. I planted about 90 plants this year so hopefully the crop will be awesome

Re: Tomato Pictures - bjcotton - 06-15-2007

Lovely...too bad I won't have a garden this year. I haven't seen either of those tomatoes up here in the NW.