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Rose Vinegar - cjs - 06-25-2007

Here it is, mjk - I only have one recipe using it, I'll go find the rest and post later, gina had a number of ideas to use the vinegar. It will be fun to play with.

I have two batches going now - one with Heinz Distilled white vinegar (will be ready 7/3) and one with Rice vinegar (will be ready 7/10).

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'gina'/kitchencapers - 1/07

5 Rose Bud(no stalk -- no leaves)
300 ml Distilled White Vinegar(Heinz brand)

1. Pour vinegar into a sauce pot and heat over the stove for 5 mins(low heat).

2. Turn off the heat and leave it to cool.

3. Remove petals from the bud. Snip off the white ends of each petal. Discard the white ends as its bitter.

5. Push the petals into a cleaned glass bottle.

6. Pour cooled vinegar into the bottle and seal with a cork.

7. Leave it to stand for 3 weeks in a warm and bright place.

8. Use the vinegar as according to each recipe.

The vinegar will turn maroon red

NOTES : Do not use commercial roses.

Rose Vinegar Wings

10 Chicken Wings
20 g Salted Butter(melted)
100 ml Rose Red Vinegar
2 tbsp Sesame oil
1 tsp sugar

1. Marinate wings with sauce for 1 hour.

2. Preheated oven 200C for 15 mins.

3. Brush wings with melted butter and roast for 10 to 15 mins.

4. serve immediately.

"Gina (kitchencapers 1/6/07)"

Re: Rose Vinegar - Lorraine - 06-25-2007

I'm not mjk, but thank you! My roses are starting to bloom, can I use full blown ones?

Re: Rose Vinegar - cjs - 06-25-2007

I don't know Lorraine, gina mentioned buds - I used the buds close to opening but not opened...or maybe just a tad, 'cause she only had one red rose bush.

Re: Rose Vinegar - Lorraine - 06-25-2007

Thanks, Jean. I'll check the bush for buds tonight. If there are none, maybe I can raid the neighbours.

Re: Rose Vinegar - cjs - 06-25-2007

I don't think it would hurt if they were opened a little - don't think I'd go for completely opened...

Re: Rose Vinegar - pjcooks - 06-25-2007

Well, this isn't about rose vinegar, but it's not all that strange when you think about it. Before vanilla extract became a popular flavoring, wasn't rosewater common?


Re: Rose Vinegar - HomeCulinarian - 06-25-2007

I bought some rose water to make a dessert recipe. I think it might have been for one of my son's school project about Morocco. Don't remember the recipe anymore, though.

Re: Rose Vinegar - mjkcooking - 06-25-2007

Thank you so much - Where did you find Bottles?
here on Whidbey - not so much available -
can't wait to try this recipe

Re: Rose Vinegar - cjs - 06-26-2007

I just had bottles around and cut a cork to fit, or a wine bottle? Jar would work too, I guess. Dime stores always have cheapo bottles.

Did we know you were on Whidbey?? Erin, there are three of us 'around here'!!

Re: Rose Vinegar - mjkcooking - 06-26-2007

are you close? we have been here for years.
Navy wife.