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Jalapeno Poppers - Old Bay - 07-09-2007

We made these over the weekend--really good!! Did not have any goat cheese so we used feta. We put the leftover filling in a small casserole,topped with jalapeno strips and the chip and chili mixture and baked for 20 min at350. Really good.
We finished lunch with a Kikoman recipe--marinate 8 slices of deli roast beef for about 30 min in Kikoman teriaki (sp?) marinade then cover a corn tortilla with grated Monterrey Jack cheese, sprinkle with chopped scallions, top with two slices of beef, top with lettuce, roll up, secure with toothpicks, brush with oil and bake 10 min at 400. Nice piece of fusion.

Re: Jalapeno Poppers - Half_Baked - 07-10-2007

Although the casserole w/leftover filling sounds great, I will definately give the roast beef/tortilla roll a shot. I think I'll try them in the microwave though since turning on the oven just doesn't appeal to me in this heat.

I'll be off the internet due to a happy and needed vacation but I put the 'recipes' into wordpad.

Re: Jalapeno Poppers - Emmasmum - 07-15-2007

I made these for a party this weekend and they were yummy. I filled mine really full to help those who aren't used to the heat from jalepenos. Definitely making them again.