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Is Anyone Familiar with........ - bjcotton - 07-28-2007

Charmglow outdoor BBQs? It is on sale at Home Depot, 4 burner, side burner, infrared with rotisserie. Regular $399 on sale for $299.

Re: Is Anyone Familiar with........ - cjs - 07-28-2007

Not familiar with Charmglow, but do the burners run front to back or side to side?

IMO, front to back is the very best because - you can manipulate your cooking so well. Two outside burners can be on high and your product over the inside (indirect cooking), left (or right) burners on and the others off. Move the produce on and off heat as needed. (by front to back burners, I mean they are attached to the front and back of the grill)

Side to side burners (the burners attached to each side of the gril), you'll find the back of the grill is always hot, even with back burners off and the front just never seems to hold the heat if those burners are on and the back ones off.

(I hope I explained that how I meant to...)

Re: Is Anyone Familiar with........ - bjcotton - 07-28-2007

You did Jean. I haven't been down to the store to look at them, so I can't really say. Maybe I can get down there tomorrow or later this afternoon before Paul leaves.

I checked with on the Charmglow and they gave it a pretty low rating, 2 1/2 out of 5. Too low powered and cheaply made. Charmglow was purchased by Home Depot. The Broilking Signet 70 ~$500 was rated quite high. I don't need another one that bad