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ECSTATIC!!!! - Roxanne 21 - 08-03-2007

Okay----Peter was at the cardiologist in February and a MAJOR overhaul had to be accomplished with his diet---results of his bloodtests----

He had a consult yesterday and ALL of the tests were substantially improved--to the point that he could come off of his cholesterol and blood pressure meds--YIPPEE!!! (We will continue with them anyway for precaution)

He has lost 35 pounds (in 6 months)--I am so very proud of him--he is loyal to his exercise regimen and he is NOT complaining about the diet changes----we have altered that incredibly---NO cheeses, breads, minimum red meats---more chicken and fish as well as veggies and salads ( this has always been my diet but I had a difficult time encouraging him to change his). Anyway---he is a believer and the bloodwork as well as stress tests prove it!!!

I miss some of the recipes posted here--but I suppose anything in moderation is acceptable----- Made an apple pie today only because I thought he deserved a treat and he has been salivating for one for about a year----BAD BAD BAD but I wish I could have posted a pic of the pleasure on his face!!! AND he knows that this is the exception for a VERY LONG TIME!!! (I hope).

Just thought I would share my travails for the past few months with respect to our dietary changes---I'm living through you vicariously and am enjoying every bite!!!

Welcome to all the newbies --I have been lurking but not posting. You guys are a great family!!!


Re: ECSTATIC!!!! - Mare749 - 08-03-2007

Oh Roxanne, that is wonderful news! And it's also so encouraging for the rest of us to hear that proper diet works. Congratulations to Peter for losing the weight, and big hugs to you for helping him do it! We all love a success story.


Re: ECSTATIC!!!! - MUSICMAKER - 08-03-2007

CONGRATS! CONGRATS! CONGRATS!!!!! You may not have been able to send a pix but your choice of words made the excitement and good news visible! It's not easy to make such drastic dietary changes when for your entire life that is what you did! That's what you knew. You both deserve that apple pie! Enjoy! Keep up the good work and continued good health!!!

Re: ECSTATIC!!!! - pjcooks - 08-03-2007

That's pretty impressive, Roxanne! You've both done a terrific job. And, I know how hard it is to provide exciting, flavorful meals when there are so many restrictions.

Job well done!!!


Re: ECSTATIC!!!! - cjs - 08-03-2007

Hey! Good on the both of you! Nothing has felt better in a long time as when my cardiologist said to me - "You could be a poster child for heart attack survivors!" I know how proud Peter must feel.

Re: ECSTATIC!!!! - bjcotton - 08-03-2007

By golly Roxanne, you two deserve a prize for your perseverance. That's just wonderful.

Re: ECSTATIC!!!! - Roxanne 21 - 08-04-2007

GEE GOLLY WHIZ!!! You guys are awesome---tanks a bunch!!

Ya know, it's not only the physical health BUT I have a new happier guy in my life---I haven't heard him whistle (off tune, mind you ) for years---HE'S BACK!!!

Re: ECSTATIC!!!! - cjs - 08-04-2007

that's how I used to find Roy Rogers in stores...he was always whistling...

Re: ECSTATIC!!!! - DFen911 - 08-04-2007

Roxanne....what can I say but WOW!! What a fantastic accomplishment. That is a tribulation to what you can do as a team You both should be very proud!!