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Lambing season. - vannin - 08-03-2007

My daughter tiny flock has so far produced two sets of lambs, so tiny, so beautiful, so perfect. More expected. Her Principal Ewe came to the gate to announce the news on both occasions. Her name is Pheonix and she does watch over the other ewes with great attention. She is also in lamb, but a few days away yet. I do so love their little feet, so pretty, so perfect.

Re: Lambing season. - vannin - 08-05-2007

I am bringing this up again to report two more sets of lambs. Eight of the little lovely, going Spring arround the place.

Re: Lambing season. - esgunn - 08-05-2007

Vannin - I just keep holding back on replying to this - I love the little lambs, and I know my kids love the little lambs - BUT...we would never eat them!!!!

So... if you want us to rejoyce in the beautiful little lambs running all over the field and being oh so cute -we are there - if then we are to enjoy their little shanks - We just can't go there!!!

I have had such a hard time with all the baby bunnies, baby birds, etc, that have been caught by all my animials. It has been a real lesson for my kids. They will have much less the bleeding heart their mom has.

Re: Lambing season. - Roxanne 21 - 08-05-2007

Thyis post brought back so many memories when I was a little one on the farm----every spring our farm would see those cute little critters scamper around the fields---very precious indeed.

I don't go for too much lamb either but DH LOVES it---especially a nice spring roast or a rack---I enjoy cooking it.

There are a couple of nice C@H recipes around.

Re: Lambing season. - vannin - 08-05-2007

Oops, now about Christmas.....

Re: Lambing season. - vannin - 08-06-2007

Help me here good people, I have never fallen in love with a living growing cabbage, yet it nourishes me. The lttle lamb will grow, just like a little calf, but I like veal. Both, full grown can kill a fully grown man. Make no mistake about a full grown ewe, they are not the dozey amiable creatures one supposes. Just like pigs, forget about Babe. Intelligent animals, with the capabilities of a dog for cunning and reasoning. And like dogs, they are after the marrow of your bones, not just your meat. But they sure are cute little things.

I know it is a contentuous issue, but if we didn't eat them they would be extinct. As it is, our lambs are going to cross the Rainbow Bridge still chewing a mouthful of grass. So quick, so sudden will be their end.

To me it is no different than picking up a package of meat from the butcher, that lamb or veal will have started somewhere, but their end will have been different. So will their flavour.

Please try and forgive me for tryng to make you understand, I do feel that self delusion on such fundamental issues benefits no one.

I do hope this does not make me persona non grata.

PS... I love lettuce too, but unless it will render up its genetics in seed, I would eat it before that happens.

Re: Lambing season. - esgunn - 08-07-2007

If I liked lamb - I like chicken, and beef, and fish - I have no problem eating it. I just can't raise it and kill it. I just get too emotionally attached to animals.

Believe me, I am really glad some one else can do - because I do enjoy my meat. I personally just can't make the switch from cute little baby animals to my dinner plate. We are contracting out 1/2 a pig and 1/2 a cow - but some one else it doing it. I just can't.

It is no slight or negative feeling I have for anyone that does it, I just can't.

I should have just kept my mouth shut.

Re: Lambing season. - vannin - 08-07-2007

No Erin, you shouldn't keep your mouth shut, all you are saying is what you are thinking, and how you feel about these things. If you ever come this way, I promise never to show you the photo of the little lamb you are eating, with its wee nose stuck in a daffodil. ;Þ

Re: Lambing season. - esgunn - 08-07-2007


Re: Lambing season. - Roxanne 21 - 08-07-2007

I can relate to the two of you and what you're discussing here. Love my meat too but I won't eat veal because I was raising a calf and giving it tons of TLC---came home from school one day and she was in the freezer---I have not gotten over that trauma yet--such an emotionally abused child, I was---- Dumb, I know, but----