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Missy Lolly Lorraine - bjcotton - 08-05-2007

I called Lorraine today since I was worried about her. One of her aunts died a little while ago and there have been some serious illnesses in her extended family, plus she has been ill with the flu and now a cold. She sounded like she had been gargling with ground glass, but is on the mend. She said to say hi to all and she will be back when she feels a little better [speaking of someone that needs to see the doctor ]

Re: Missy Lolly Lorraine - cjs - 08-06-2007

I was beginning to really worry! Hope she's on the mend now.

Re: Missy Lolly Lorraine - sugarbrown - 08-06-2007

Hi Billy & Jean,

Geez, I didn't even know Lorraine was feeling that crappy!
I hope she recovers quickly!
Banking will do that to you sometimes...., right, Lorraine?

Re: Missy Lolly Lorraine - bjcotton - 08-06-2007

Hey Sugar! How's one of my favorite girls? She's on the mend, but coughed and sounded awful. She won't go to the doctor, the ninny.

Re: Missy Lolly Lorraine - cjs - 08-06-2007

Well, hi there, Cindy!!! How great to see you here - grab your Grandma and come do some cooking with us!!

Everyone, Cindy/SugarBrown is an old friend of a lot of us - and she'll be a wonderful addition to our group of foodies.

Re: Missy Lolly Lorraine - Mare749 - 08-06-2007

Welcome Cindy! Hope you will come back often and join in the fun. This is a great group and you will feel right at home.

Lorraine, if you are reading this, so sorry you are feeling so poorly. Take good care of yourself and get well soon! It's miserable to be sick any time of the year, but especially in the summer.


Re: Missy Lolly Lorraine - pjcooks - 08-06-2007

Welcome, Cindy! Hope you can join in often, we have lots of fun here!

Lorraine, I'm sorry you're so under the weather. Hope you're feeling better soon, and are able to join us again on a regular basis!


Re: Missy Lolly Lorraine - Roxanne 21 - 08-07-2007

And a HUGE WELCOME from me, Cindy----please drop by again!!

Lorraine---do feel better soon--we are missing you!!

Re: Missy Lolly Lorraine - Lorraine - 08-07-2007

Thanks for the kind wishes, everyone. It's kind of been the summer from hell, lots going on. My SIL got back from 3 weeks in Japan, with some kind of Cold / flu. And I promptly got it. Have been on a steady diet of Sinutab, Neo Citron, any cheap drugs I could find. Am finally feeling half human and back to work.

Re: Missy Lolly Lorraine - bjcotton - 08-07-2007

Well Sweetie, I have a whole sack of drugs, which would you like? Pain pills, I've got three or four kinds, anti-viral? Diuretics? insulin? Anything else?

Cindy's [Sugarbrown] mother is visiting, plus all kinds of other things going on so as soon as things slow down she'll be visiting with us more often.