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Weeknight Menus - BonnieAZ - 08-09-2007

Hello, I am new to this forum, but have subscribed to C@H since the third issue. I have misplaced my Weeknight Menus, and I was wondering if anyone has a copy that they would like to sell?

Re: Weeknight Menus - HomeCulinarian - 08-09-2007

Welcome to the forum, Bonnie.

Sorry, I can't help you with your request (couldn't give mine up!) This is a resourceful group and I hope your problem will be solved.

Re: Weeknight Menus - pjcooks - 08-09-2007

Welcome, Bonnie! Can't help you either, but if you remember any recipes you needed, let us know, 'tween us all, we can help you out!


Re: Weeknight Menus - MUSICMAKER - 08-09-2007

Welcome, Bonnie. Sorry, can't help you either, but if you call C@H at their 800 # (1-800-311-3995) periodically, you can ask them if they have any. I called them last week for this and another of their speciality issues and was told that they are NOT discontinued, which is good, meaning they will be printed again. The girl I spoke with couldn't give me a date but told me to call once a week (if I wanted) to check on the status. She also told me they have been out of them for a while so they should be getting more in very soon. Hope this helps.

Re: Weeknight Menus - Emmasmum - 08-23-2007


I am not sure if you are still looking for this but there is one on ebay. Here is the link


Re: Weeknight Menus - bjcotton - 08-23-2007

Welcome Bonnie! I'll armwrestle you for mine, but if I lose then you'll have to armwrestle my sister for it

Re: Weeknight Menus - BonnieAZ - 08-24-2007

The one on Ebay is volume 2, and I have that one. But I will keep checking Ebay for vol 1. Thanks to all for your help and suggestions, I appreciate it.

Re: Weeknight Menus - cjs - 08-25-2007

Bonnie, be sure to stick around the forums - 'cause as the recipes are tried and critiqued/reviewed, we (or they) will be posting the recipe for those who haven't rec'd their copies yet. So, you'll end up with lots of the recipes!

Re: Weeknight Menus - Bethp - 08-25-2007

How about each of us typing 1-2 recipes from the Weeknight issue for her?
Where do you live in AZ, Bonnie?

Re: Weeknight Menus - Roxanne 21 - 08-25-2007

Phoenix???? Bethp----Peter (husband) was just dropped at the airport (Capetown South Africa) for end journey (first leg) at Skyeharbour----visiting daughter Wendy for two weeks in Scottsdale. We know diddly squat about the area BUT...he will scout out all of the goodies while he is there!!!!

This is just to say---nice to see you again!!!!