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Jean - Cold Fried Chicken Review - DFen911 - 08-26-2007

Ok I admit I was a big skeptic. But I must admit this made a great fried chicken!! I was very impressed with the texture of the skin.

Now for the questions -

So if I want to make several batches for say a large group how do I do this? It will take forever for the oil to cool down and a waste to keep replacing it.

Have you ever brined the chicken for a couple of hours before frying. The skin had such great flavor and I can totally see playing with this to make it spicy if I wanted. However the chicken to me in home fried chicken just never seems to measure up to the flavor of the skin.

Hubby Derek is still shaking his head over the fact that this chicken was not oily in the slightest and was crispyer <sp> than we ever anticipated

This is one I will be sure to do again.

Re: Jean - Cold Fried Chicken Review - cjs - 08-27-2007

"Ok I admit I was a big skeptic." Everyone is!! I'm so glad you tried it.

without multiple electric skillets, it would probaby be hard to do for a crowd...what a conversation piece for catering customers tho... I almost always brine my chix - about the only time I don't, is when I do something last minute.

Re: Jean - Cold Fried Chicken Review - mlucas1 - 08-27-2007

I have a MS recipe for fried chicken that is really good. You soak the chicken in buttermilk before frying it up. Would that be considered the same as brining it?

For a lg. group I would try to get two big frying pans on the stove top and maybe an electric one going at the same time. That way, when one batch was done you could still cook in the other pans while waiting for the oil to come back up to the right temp. Not sure this makes sense, it did to me (in my mind at least! )

Re: Jean - Cold Fried Chicken Review - cjs - 08-27-2007

Meg, your idea does make sense and would work for most fried chix methods, but this one is off the wall and it's really better/easier to use an electric skillet...