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Dinner Review for August 27th - cjs - 08-27-2007

Caribbean Chix Salad with Lime Vinaigrette
Tostones - couldn't find plantains anywhere from here to the bridge...
Jamaican Rice & Beans
Black Bean Soup - did not make (but will this fall/winter)
Melon Sorbet - didn't make
Rum Custard Puding - didn't make
Mixed feelings on this dinner - We really liked all the components, but together....what I made of it, so maybe I'm not being fair. I could have made a meal of just those wonderful Red Beans and Rice with the chix over that instead of on the salad!! And, I'll certainly have a chance to try it - I have SIX bags of l/o rice & beans in the freezer!!! (I interpreted "1 Cub" to be 1 lb., didn't think far enuf ahead to realize how much I was making! but, love having it in the freezer, so won't complain)

The beans and rice made the whole house smell fantastic!! It even permeated (if you will )to the front porch where a neighbor was over and had him drooling also!!

I couldn't find "jerk seasoning", so made one from my M.C. (from the Nat'l. Pork Assoc.) This stuff is great!!!

Jerk Seasoning

1 tablespoon onion -- minced
1 1/2 teaspoons onion powder
2 teaspoons crushed thyme
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon ground allspice
1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon black pepper
1/2 teaspoon cayenne

Mix together dried minced onion, onion powder, crushed thyme, salt, ground allspice, ground nutmeg, ground cinnamon, sugar, black pepper, and cayenne. Makes enough to coat one whole pork tenderloin.

Overall, my rating - the salad (forgot to say, liked the dressing) 7+

Red Beans and Rice - with part of the chix thrown on... 8+

Re: Dinner Review for August 27th - Mare749 - 08-27-2007

We really liked the red beans and rice also and this is a recipe that I will definately make again. We always like grilled chicken on any salad, so this was not out of the ordinary for us, but it was good and we liked the dressing.

I didn't make the other dishes due to a shortage of time, so just cut up some watermelon to go with. That rum custard pudding is on my to do list for company though.


Re: Dinner Review for August 27th - Roxanne 21 - 08-27-2007

Caribbean Chicken Salad with Lime Vinaigrette

This was nice and easy to prepare---for once I could find all of the ingredients (except the jerk seasoning) so I didn’t have to sub— did the real deal!!!

I stove top grilled my chicken, we really do not want to invest in an outside unit with our plans for returning to the States. At this rate, maybe we should---

I googled for a jerk recipe and noticed that all of the ingredients are in a couple of the Penzey’s spices I have---I did a combo of Adobo and Galena Street----terrific!!

It was an okay salad---love the dressing. I would give it a 7. Salads are my favorites but something just wasn’t appropriate here---I think I will leave out the cabbage next time.

Wanted to do the Tostones but couldn’t find under ripe bananas---curious to try these sometime.

Black Bean Soup

Not a pretty soup but sure is tasty. We were roaming around some little shops in Cape Town a couple of weeks ago and YIPPEEEEE I found some dried black beans in one of these off-the-wall shops. I did need to simmer the beans a bit longer than stated in the recipe (almost three hours) but I always run into that problem, for whatever reason.

I would give this a 7 as well---will reheat the remainder for my dinner tonight.

Did not do the rice and beans---just too many things to try but will keep this out for a to do project….it sounds wonderful per your reviews. (Of course, the one I DIDN’T make seems to be the winner!!!)

I also made the Melon Sorbet

Nice and refreshing---will definitely do this one again.
I used a cantaloupe—not as ripe as it should have been but added a bit more sugar.
I went to use my ice cream maker (first time in 15 years) and the darned thing wouldn’t work---the motor was whining but no go---guess I have to put that on my list, too. Sooo---placed the mixture in the freezer in a tupperware container and it was nice and creamy, light. I just went and mixed it up a few times—no crystals noted.

Give this a 9.

This was a dinner I made without Peter because he would not have enjoyed it…we can always judge that by the recipe. It was a fun dinner---thanks, Sharon.

Didn’t do the Rum Custards—Peter will like this soooo—on my to make list, too. He will deserve a special treat when he comes home.

Re: Dinner Review for August 27th - Harborwitch - 08-27-2007

We did the salad and the melon sorbet. Jennifer hijacked the rice and beans - and I wish she would tell me what and how! It involved coconut milk, rice, canned corn, canned beans, crushed red pepper flakes, and a habanero pepper. She baked it and it was lovely.

Jennifer doesn't like green peppers so everywhere it called for them we substituted jalapenos. Loved the dressing, added a bit of lime zest and a pinch of salt - but very yummy. Using what we had on hand - like 6 heads of romaine instead of baby greens - I think the salad had a little more body.

For the chicken we used a jerk seasoning that we got at the little African/Caribbean grocery store. Jennifer says it's available at Trader Joe's too. Walkerswood Traditional Jerk Seasoning (Hot & Spicy). It's more like a paste but it made some yummy chicken - and we made extra for later in the week.

I'd give the salad an 8+. The sorbet was every bit a 15! And Jennifer's rice was over the top good. I'll try to pry it out of her!

It was a nice dinner after a hot day, very fresh and yummy.

Uh, we also cheated a bit - Costco had some lovely fresh wild caught sockeye salmon fillets. We grilled one and served with a reduction of white wine, raspberries, blue berries, and marion berries. OMG!!

Re: Dinner Review for August 27th - labradors - 08-27-2007

For those who may still be looking for jerk seasoning:

True jerk has two things that are absolutely essential: Scotch bonnet (or habanero) peppers, and allspice.

Here's the recipe I've been using: Note that the Jamaicans call allspice "pimento," so don't confuse that with the little red peppers one buys in a jar.

Re: Dinner Review for August 27th - Mare749 - 08-27-2007

Thanks labradors, good information!
This sounds really, really hot.

Re: Dinner Review for August 27th - Harborwitch - 08-27-2007

I was surprised that it wasn't any hotter than it was - in fact either my mouth was still damaged from the hot wings we had for lunch or I've just gotten too used to hot food.

Re: Dinner Review for August 27th - cjs - 08-27-2007

I'm glad to see after scrolling up to check the recipe I found for jerk had allspice in it - this one was plenty hot for us - I love that stuff!!

Re: Dinner Review for August 27th - Roxanne 21 - 08-27-2007

And my concoction had it too!!! I cut back on amounts of spices on the meat or whatever dish (such as chile etc.) just because we are not really hot/spicey people---ever since our ulcer problems, minimal amounts are okay.

Nice combination of spices, that jerk was!!!