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New Food Product Alert!! - cjs - 08-27-2007

Had a Costco run this weekend and ran across these little goodies!!!

"Uncooked Flour Tortillas"
(No cholesterol, low in sat. fat - made with Canola oil)

Here's the instructions fron the pkg -

uno - preheat a non-stick pan to med. heat.
dos - place a tortilla on pan and 'bake' (that's what it says) until barely golden on both sides, and...
tres - ! (upside down)Buen Provecho!

The only drawback is, it's a pkg. of 44 tortillas!!! So, will try freezing pkgs. of them. Anyone seen them yet?

Re: New Food Product Alert!! - Harborwitch - 08-27-2007

I've seen them - but we so seldom eat flour tortillas that it didn't make much sense.

Re: New Food Product Alert!! - labradors - 08-27-2007

Everyone here (including myself) just makes them from scratch - both the corn and flour types. The same masa (dough) is also used for making the pastelitos (little meat pies filled with seasoned ground beef of pulled chicken, then deep fried).

When making the tortillas by hand, most of the people aroud here don't even use a tortilla press - they just put the dough between two sheets of plastic wrap and flatten it out with their hands.

Here, they tend to make the corn tortillas thicker than I like, and don't cook them as much (just enough to cook them and to keep them warm, but as they would be from cooking in oil).

Also, they usually serve three of those corn tortillas with EVERYthing they serve.

Re: New Food Product Alert!! - Mare749 - 08-27-2007

Very interesting hearing about the customs in other parts of the world, labradors! No tortilla press, hmmmm....


Re: New Food Product Alert!! - cjs - 08-27-2007

the few times I've made them, I roll them. But, gotta say, if I'm going to that kind of work, I'll make Lefsa instead!!

Re: New Food Product Alert!! - Mare749 - 08-27-2007

Jean, I've never had lefsa. Can you describe it for me or compare it to something?


Re: New Food Product Alert!! - cjs - 08-27-2007

It's a Norwegian bread, looks just like a tortilla except for the shape, my Grandma's were usually like triangles of dough she cooked on the wood stove.

Mom Shelledy's Lefse

5 large white potatoes (the old & mushy type)
2 cups sweet cream -- half & half, or milk & water (but cream is the best!)
1 tsp. salt
3 T. butter
Flour for rolling the lefse out

1. Boil potatoes and mash until very fine.
2. Add cream, salt, and butter; beat until light.
3. Let cool (fairly)
4. Add flour until workable.
5. Roll out and bake on top of griddle (or wood burning stove)

More traditional instructions -

Follow above through #4 - the dough will be fairly dry, but stay together to be rolled out.
Wrap in plastic wrap and chill for 1 hour.

Roll the dough out into ropes and cut into one inch chunks.
Roll chunks into thin circles (or long ovals, or whatever) like tortillas.
Heat a griddle to about 400 F.

Place a circle of lefse on the griddle and cook until brown spots appear o the heated surface.
Flip and cook the same way on the other side.
Place between paper towels while cooking the rest of the lefse.

To serve: Some folks like just butter, my family always smeared the softened butter over and topped with a sprinkling of granulated sugar. Fold twice or roll into a cylinder. Eat and enjoy!!

NOTES : My grandma made lefse for the family for all my life and probably years before that! I don't know how she kept up with us when the whole family was around her huge round kitchen table, soft butter and the sugar dish in front of us just waiting as the lefse came off her old wood stove. I know we must have eaten faster than she could cook them. This recipe is how she dictated her recipe to my sister, Joan andd me, many years ago.


I need a rainy and/or cool day to make some!!