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A Fun New Toy! - Harborwitch - 08-29-2007

I've hinted about this - and I've been playing with it for a while now so it's time to share!

My ex called one day and asked me what I knew about a digital pen. I was dumbfounded - but got on line and checked it out. Well - long story short - being a tech toy junkie I went nuts.

This little gizmo is a Logitech IO 2 Digital Pen. You write on special paper (the only drawback) and the pen "reads" what you've written and when you put the pen in it's cradle it transfers what you wrote to the computer and can convert it to a word document, a drawing file, etc.

It does require that you teach it how you write - and you can use cursive or printing. I thought this would be really usefull if I'm in the kitceh playing - I can write down what I'm using, how much, what I am doing, etc. and when I'm done I can bring the pen into the office and upload the recipe.

There are lots of other uses for it too - and I'm sure lots more coming down the pike. I lucked out, the ex found one at the flea market and bought it for WAY cheap. When he found out you had to have special paper etc. he gave it to me. You can find them on Ebay for around 140.00 for the IO 2 and less for the older model. The paper is available on line from a number of suppliers and comes in notebooks or post it note like pads.

All in all I'm going to give this rave reviews - absolutely love it! 8)

Re: A Fun New Toy! - MUSICMAKER - 08-29-2007

This sounds way toooo cool, Sharon! Like you, I'm a gadget to the net to check this out! Thanks for sharing, and sharing your idea about using it in the kitchen!

Re: A Fun New Toy! - Harborwitch - 08-29-2007

Much better than trying to figure out where to cram a computer, monitor, and keyboard in the kitchen. Plus you can carry it in your purse - and when you see a recipe in a magazine in the Dr.'s office or at the hairdresser's you can write it in the little notebook and take it home and load it on the computer! How fun.

Re: A Fun New Toy! - MUSICMAKER - 08-29-2007

Wow, you have all sorts of ideas for this toy! Keep them coming. That really is a terrific idea about the magazines; cannot tell you how many times I've tried to hurry and write them down before being called into the room, or trying so hard to reject the urge to tear the pages out ( heehee!), which I hate doing because I hate it when I want to write down a recipe and someone beat me to riping out the page!!!

Now that I just ordered one, I have to get rid of my VISA which is sitting right in front of my face with this computer. Being in bed, recovering from that nasty fall, I'm spending too much money!!! Geesh! It's so easy to do!!!

Re: A Fun New Toy! - Harborwitch - 08-29-2007

Hee Hee! Did you get the package with the notebooks?? If you need more Super Warehouse (online store) has them really cheap. You are going to have such a ball!

Re: A Fun New Toy! - bjcotton - 08-29-2007

Shucks you two, if you're reading the recipe in a magazine that is 2 months or more old, just rip it out! Course I ask first

Re: A Fun New Toy! - MUSICMAKER - 08-29-2007

Sharon, ordered it from NetGear and paid $120. The paper was 6.97 for 3 pads, not the sticky note ones, the "regular" ones. Looked at the SuperWarehouse site you suggested and the pen was more, by 8 bucks and the paper was less, by 98 cents, 5.99 for three. The S&H was less at NetGear, tho, so guess it all works out in the end. Wondering if any of the nation wide "office" stores would have the paper refills at their stores for a competitive price. Will check into this. if they do carry it, might be worth it if you can avoid the S&H. Sometimes, I think the S&H companies charge are just far too much for what you order and how it's sent. Will let you know what I find out.

Oh, do you know anything about the programs that are supposed to be used with the pen?

Also, since you've had yours for a while, how long does the paper last??? Obviously, depends on usage, but do you know how many sheets are in the pads? Size of the sheets? All the sites I checked out made no mention of this. Just wondering how much of an investment this will end up being.

Can't wait to get this toy! I already have a use for it!!! I'm taking a foreign language at the university and this will save time because I can just do the lessons right into the pen wherever I'm at and then onto the computer, rather than having to wait to get home, log on, etc... The greatest task will be trying to keep it away from #2 son.....

Billy, my doctors always have the newest magazines in their waiting rooms...of course, the staff gets the first look, but they are put right out there. And despite them being up to date, people still tear out pages. Absolutely no consideration for others. Geesh! rude, rude, rude!!! (yeah, like I'm a saint and don't tear out the pages!!! hee-hee! As it goes: First come, first served. . . !!!)

Re: A Fun New Toy! - Harborwitch - 09-06-2007

Sorry I didn't get back to you earlier - last week was really hectic and we had company all weekend, then off to the oncologist on Tuesday, and exhaustion yesterday!

The notebooks are A4 and A5 (8 1/2" x 11 or 5"x 8"). They are around a 100 pages each and usually come in packs of 3. There are also other sizes - post it notes, etc. So far I have one notebook for the kitchen, one for my office, and one for my purse. You can write on both sides of the page so unless you're working on the great American novel the paper should last a while.

Hopefully you have your pen by now and the software should have come with it. I've had no problems dumping stuff into Word, and since the last week was so nuts I haven't had a lot of time to play more. It is supposed to interface with Outlook which will be fun, except that my email isn't set up to work with Outlook, but contacts and calendar should.

Let me know what you think when you get it - oh, the teaching part is a pain in the backside, but worth it in the end.

Re: A Fun New Toy! - MUSICMAKER - 09-06-2007

Will be here tomorrow. Was at the doctor and missed the UPS guy. Can't wait to get it and play around with it. Agree with you that this is going to not only be fun but lso a time saver!

Re: A Fun New Toy! - Harborwitch - 09-06-2007

Funny, it brings out the salesperson in me! I can think of all kinds of applications for it and just want to get everyone to have one! Sheesh, I quit selling technology years ago - no way I'll do that again!