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Another shopping coup - Roxanne 21 - 08-31-2007

Was really going stir crazy this morning and decided I would visit the Waterfront---the biggest shopping center in the city with the most up-scale shops. It is also the biggest tourist attraction because it is on the waterfront, a huge yacht club is there, almost at the center of what Cape Town is. The area is building up so very quickly to a Monaco setting---SWISH!!! It is quite a drive--not distance but the route is like going through your biggest driving nightmare. I don't usually drive this myself but I said to self "what the heck"

Anyway--long way around saying that I found SCALLOPS!!!! LOBSTER TAILS (both imported from the US!!!!) And I was also thrilled with shallots--the real deal!!! I have been replacing that with spring onions in my recipes.

The small things in life really do make me ecstatic---

See??? Things are happening here!!!!

Guess I should get out and about more often, huh?

Re: Another shopping coup - cjs - 08-31-2007

How fun for you, Roxanne - are there sidewalk tables to take tea (or a glass of wine) also?? I'll be down to join you...