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Felix - labradors - 09-01-2007

From the early projections, it looks as though Felix will be brushing right by us VERY closely, and will be a hurricane by the time it does. Please keep us in your prayers (perhaps for it to take a slightly more Northern route).

Re: Felix - Roxanne 21 - 09-01-2007

TONS of good thoughts and wishes coming your way---KEEP SAFE!!!

Let us know what's happening if you are able---

It is major hurricane season there, no? It seems as though tons of weather pattern changes have shown colors recently. Peter is in Arizona---record was just set for the longest spell of over 100 degree temps--more like 110. I guess that leaves Arizona out of the equation!!

Hang in there labradors---we will support you as best we can---

Re: Felix - cjs - 09-01-2007

What a wild, horrible year for weather it has been around the world!!

Batten down the hatches, lab and stay safe!!!! Keep checking in.

Re: Felix - MUSICMAKER - 09-01-2007


What a wild, horrible year for weather it has been around the world!!

You're not kidding, Jean. That's an understatement here.

Yesterday, #2 took me to the market for a few things. It was, as predicted, an absolutely beautiful day. . .one of those "made to order" ones, about 75-ish, sunny, but not hot, nice, gentle breeze. . .I was in the market for about 15 minutes or so. Came out, he picked me up at the curb and by the time he took the few bags out of the cart and into the trunk, the sky turned this ugly greenish-black, the sun ran away, it was as still as a statue and then all of a sudden, wham-o. Out of nowhere, here comes this funnel cloud. That deafening "train whistle", and windy enough to pick up and throw a cow. Told #2 to pull around to the back of the store but he wanted to "beat" the funnel home! We are only a few miles from the market but. . . We made it home, safely, but man alive, talk about wierd and scarey. We haven't had such wierd weather for as long as I can remember, and for being where we are, this is practically unheard of. Think there is really something to that ozone and warming effect biz? You'd have a hard time convincing me not! Enuf is enuf already!

Re: Felix - Mare749 - 09-01-2007

That's pretty scary, lab. Do people evacuate to a safer area, or is that not a possibility there? From the map you show, it looks like it's going to hit your area between Tuesday and Wednesday. It's not very likely you will be able to update us since you will probably lose your power during that time. Stay safe and I will definately say a prayer for the storm to roll north a bit.


Re: Felix - pjcooks - 09-01-2007

Take care. Lab, I'll be thinking about you as I watch the progress of the storm.

Linda, close call, we had unusal weather here last year and it was pretty unsettling. Don't know how people deal with this season after season.


Re: Felix - MUSICMAKER - 09-01-2007


Don't know how people deal with this season after season.

Being laid up, unfortunately the TV has been on more than usual. Has anyone seen the "updates" on the south, re. Katrina? Forogt who, but one reporter interviewed residents from there who literally were in tears, two years later (hard to believe it's been that long now). Practically nothing has been done to restore those people who lost soooooo much. It's truly heartbreaking.

Stay safe, Labradors.

Re: Felix - labradors - 09-01-2007

Thanks for all the wishes. There aren't too many places to go from here, although some towns farther South probably wouldn't be affected. I wasn't here in 1998, but when Mitch went through here, the landlady's family and the guy who was renting this apartment (2nd floor) at the time rode it out in this apartment, and they tell me that water was coming down the walls and they would sweep it out the door once in a while.

Re: Felix - cjs - 09-02-2007

As a California girl used to earthquakes not this other 'stuff' - when we lived in Illinois everytime we had tornado warnings, I'd grab my pillow, carton of cigarettes, and a jug of wine and head the the corner (can't remember the particular corner that was supposed to the the safest) in the basement. Couple hours later.....what tornado? Hated those things.

Heard last nite Felix is picking up steam....

Re: Felix - MUSICMAKER - 09-02-2007

Yeah, the weather just interruped on the TV stating things are bad. Also said something about tornados in California!? Missed where, but they were making a bid to-do about it. I've never heard of a tornado there.

Wierd IS the word, Jean!