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Trying to catch up here, - pjcooks - 09-02-2007

but can't find the time. I am trying to read as much as I can though.

I went back to work last week, to new quarters in a new hall, and of course half of our equipment wasn't hooked up yet, so no HennyPennys, or steam kettles, or steamer-they did hook up our gas for our grills, though, and our stove. Busy with usual University catering jobs, but the Fox Presidential candidate debate will be held here next week and the Fox crew came last week-why we're so busy. Man, those people can eat. Never mind the 10% rule, they want double the food. I know- I had to get it together and get it delivered- poor chef, she quoted them a price for what they wanted, they cut their quantites to bring it into line with their budget, then at the last moment, went back to their original order. And you all know what that does with ordering, let's steal food from this job, hope we can get an order in this PM, replace it later, hey, we're not a restaurant, we're catering- yikes. But it's Fox TV and we were told VIP.

So another tough week, doesn't help that our sous chef left on Friday. He was great, though, he gave plenty of notice (a month) and he spent most of his last day trying to organize the freezer and the walkin, and all the storage. He went out on a good note, he refused to be a "chump" as he put it. Now I have to train 2 new chefs because they are splitting the shift. (Not that I actually have to train them, they just need to know what they're expected to do to help get the jobs out, I'm sure I'll be doing a lot of explaining.)

The week from hell starts tomorrow at 5:30 AM. Hopefully it will end on Thur at 4PM. We'll see. Lots and lots of overtime, though, and 2.5xpay for tomorrow!! Wish me luck, I'll be reading, and trying to catch up when I can.


Re: Trying to catch up here, - cjs - 09-02-2007

I offered to share this one with Denise in another post somewhere, but forget it - I think you need it worse than she does this week!!! Hang on, kid!


1 16 oz tin bucket (this looks like a tiny version of the stand old-fashioned bucket)
1 6 oz tin urn
1 ½ cups ice water
3 oz Gin or Vodka
3 splashes Vermouth
3 drops Scotch
6 pimento-stuffed green olives on toothpicks or plastic swords

Chill two Martini glasses in the refrigerator. Fill bucket with ice and water. In urn, mix Gin or Vodka with Vermouth and Scotch. Place in ice bucket to chill. Place a sword or toothpick with three skewered olives into each Martini glass. Serve the bucket of Martinis with the two glasses and pour about an inch or liquor into each.

Hint: If you have no way of locating the bucket or urn-you can make these Martinis the old fashioned way in a shaker with slightly crushed ice. When thoroughly chilled, pour into Martini glasses and serve as above, leaving the shaker on the table so your guests can refill their own glasses.

Re: Trying to catch up here, - pjcooks - 09-02-2007

Thanks, Jean, are you glad those restaurant days are over for you?

Hell, we can skip the bucket stuff, just open mouth, pour, swish and swallow


Re: Trying to catch up here, - Roxanne 21 - 09-02-2007

What a nightmare and a CHALLENGE pj---you will love every minute of it!!! You may have a sore back, sore legs, headache---but use Jean's remedy (when you don't have to cook, that is!!!) It WILL help---trust me!!!

Chefs do have an interesting life--what a way to live it!!!

Have FUN, pj---you will have tons of encouragement--GO GIRL!!! (that's about the best I can do from here-- )

See you when you have a break from the mayhem!! Sounds exciting though---

Re: Trying to catch up here, - pjcooks - 09-02-2007

Thanks, Roxanne, I appreciate your encouragement! I'll probably go in earlier to give myself extra time to react to those hurdles I know will pop up. It is kind of exciting when the last job goes out the door, somewhat close to on time, and you think of the thousands of meals you put out that day.

A lot different from feeding the 70 I was used to the last 4 years!


Re: Trying to catch up here, - Roxanne 21 - 09-02-2007

Just think of the EXPERIENCE you are getting-----

I'll sit back and wait for the updates, thank you very much

Re: Trying to catch up here, - cjs - 09-03-2007

"are you glad those restaurant days are over for you?"

NO!! I absolutely loved every hectic minute of it - I'd still be there (in the kitchen) if the old body had not betrayed me....

Re: Trying to catch up here, - Lorraine - 09-04-2007

Good luck, PJ, not that you'll need it. Have fun also!!!!

Re: Trying to catch up here, - pjcooks - 09-06-2007


Just think of the EXPERIENCE you are getting-----

I'll sit back and wait for the updates, thank you very much

The Fox TV debate is finally over! What a demanding group. For two weeks we’ve been overwhelmed by these people. They ordered their food, got a quote, changed their order to fall in budget, then every single day, sometimes every hour, changed their order for more and more people until they were back at the original order and then, let’s add another 50. On and on it went, for 2 weeks.

We had a couple of dinners for 150, a handful of small ones - 45 or less, but the big ones were the 400 and the 1200. We simply did not have the equipment to put out and deliver warm over 2000 dinners ~in a 3 hour time frame. And it was pasta, they all wanted pasta, we all know how well that holds. Oh, then Fox moved the 1200 up an hour, considering everything had to be transported across a very crowded , secured campus~

A lot of running, a pasta skating rink of a floor, 4 of us working, (and 2 of them brand spanking new) a 12 and a half hour day for me~glad it’s over.

Each candidate received a cheese and cracker platter, a veg crudite and an antipasto platter for their green room. I prepared 9, 1 came back untouched (guess who wasn’t there). I had a last minute call for a small plate with red grapes, an apple, and strawberries. Rudy Guilliani’s good luck ritual, I discovered.

They ate everything. And more.

It’s over. They’re almost gone, I finished up the last of their order today,

From a strictly food perspective, no politics involved, not trying to offend anyone at all, Rep or Dem, the Dems were much easier to feed!!!


Re: Trying to catch up here, - Roxanne 21 - 09-06-2007

NIGHTMARE!!!!! But maybe the repubs are a little more "picky" //

Sit back, relax and have some fun time off---