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Ossobucco - Roxanne 21 - 09-03-2007

There was a huge debate today on a radio talk show that I listen to about what to serve with osso bucco (not sure of the spelling here and I'm too lazy to look it up--Confusedmile).

What do you that have made this serve with it? Here it is polenta or saffron risotto---I think I made this once and served it with garlic mashed potatoes. It was an interesting program---really shows the ethnic biases.

Re: Ossobucco - cjs - 09-03-2007

Oh my, and it's almost the weather for it again!!!! love it.

I've served it with, oh so many sides -

Butternut Squash and Polenta Gratin
Creamy polenta
Butternut Squash Risotto
Mushroom Risotto
Pea & Sweet Corn Risotto

and in the days before I knew how to cook risotto or polenta, we served it with rice pilaf and/or mashed potatoes.

It will be interesting to see what others serve with it.

Re: Ossobucco - Old Bay - 09-03-2007

Some kind of risotto is required, with sauteed spinach or some kind of green. Absolutely, DO NOT forget the marrow. It is the crux of the matter. Osso buco means the bone with the. hole. An experience that cannot be duplicated. You can top it off with a good Barolo--you will thank me.

Re: Ossobucco - Lorraine - 09-04-2007

" Some kind of risotto is required "

I'm in the risotto camp also.

Re: Ossobucco - cjs - 09-04-2007

Oh my yes, the marrow!!! And darn it, Bill has the spoons for it.....I DON'T - poor me, I'm so deprived...

yes, also to the Barolo - Barbera is very good also.

Re: Ossobucco - Mare749 - 09-04-2007

This is another dish I've never made, but do love it, so I really should learn how to make it. I have had it with risotto, but would also probably like it with garlic mashed potatoes.


Re: Ossobucco - Lorraine - 09-04-2007

Maryann, if you can get veal shanks, go for it. It's really not hard to make, and the leftovers are soooo good!. And don't forget the gremolata on top!!!

I wonder if PJ's made it? Even the picky one here will eat it!

Re: Ossobucco - Old Bay - 09-04-2007

Lamb shanks work too.

Re: Osso buco - bbally - 09-05-2007

I really like it with long grain wild rice, usually make the long grain rice into a fresh vegetable pilaf.