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Quiche Lorraine - bjcotton - 09-04-2007

Here is a picture of the quiche after I took it out of the oven. I was tempted to leave it in there a few minutes to get some color on the top, but had already cooked it to the maximum time. I looked it up on Epicurious and looked at the reviews and apparently it doesn't really firm up that much. I'll let you know how it tastes [I'll feed it to my brother Dave and sister Carol before I taste it ]

Re: Quiche Lorraine - bjcotton - 09-04-2007

Ten minutes later!

The texture is a little softer than I've had before, but the flavor is great! The flavors are subtle and none over-powered the others. Great stuff! Maybe a 7 or 7.5!

Re: Quiche Lorraine - cjs - 09-05-2007

"but had already cooked it to the maximum time." - Billy, with all the differences in cooking equipment, the times recipes state for cooking times are just guidelines - except in very rare cases that they state 'absolutely' that the timing is crucial. I think you'll be happier with results if you cook to the correct consistency rather than time.

geez, Billy, that's the "ham, leek and 3 cheese quiche" - you threw me completely with the "quiche lorraine"!!! I made it and reviewed it also - what do you think of the comments I made at the time?

"two things - the flavors are just wonderful, just luscious!
BUT, I think (IMO, I repeat, IMO only) I think the directions are a little ridiculous -

"Carefully pour half of custard filling on top of pie filling, gently moving cheese with a spoon to help custard disperse evenly. Slowly add remaining custard in same manner."

I did this, but I sure won't again. There is no reason the 'custard' can't be tossed together with the cheese and leeks and just poured in over the ham. I think if you use the thin slices of ham that are called for, laying them out like that probably helps keep the crust - crusty.

I used regular ham, so I just diced it up and scattered over the bottom and it worked well.

Anyway, that's my thots - I will certainly make again. The flavor makes this such a nice mellow dish for a brunch. (the only problem, my little pie tin made four great slices......but Roy had two! So now, we have to fight over the remaining"

Re: Quiche Lorraine - luvnit - 09-05-2007

I love quiche and have been making it for years. I seldom make my own crust though. I really wanted to try the quiche combos in that issue, but never got around to it. I will though, perhaps in the fall. I was a little intimidated by the crust. It sounded good with the cream cheese, but I am a poor crust maker. Any crust comments from these recipe? Just curious if anyone remembers these.

Re: Quiche Lorraine - cjs - 09-05-2007

I'll probably get a big 'Boo' from Linda (in a loving way ), but since I don't make pie crusts very often anymore, I've lost my touch. Now, I just buy Pillsbury pie crusts - love them!!

Re: Quiche Lorraine - Mare749 - 09-05-2007

I do the same as Jean, it's nice and easy. I like to make a rice/cheese crust sometimes when I make quiche, and that's very easy to do also.

Billy, I have found that baking times will vary according to what size pan I'm using also. I always bake to a golden brown, but still test it with a table knife to make sure it's done in the middle. Also, I'm careful not to overdo the onions because that will make the dish more watery also.

Re: Quiche Lorraine - MUSICMAKER - 09-05-2007


I'll probably get a big 'Boo' from Linda (in a loving way ),... ...I just buy Pillsbury pie crusts - love them!!

Psssstttt, Jean, can you keep a secret? I've purchased one or two in my day. . .it's called "a helping hand"! Did this at those times post surgery. Family doesn't like it (that's called "spoiled"!), but they understand!

Re: Quiche Lorraine - MUSICMAKER - 09-05-2007


I was a little intimidated by the crust. It sounded good with the cream cheese, but I am a poor crust maker.

Pie Crust 101!

Laura, the crusts made with cream cheese or sour cream in them vs. all butter, lard, or whatever, are actually easier to make and harder to mess up. The (scientific) concept with the butter, etc., is for it to MELT between the grains of flour to make the crust tender and flaky, which is why you also do not want to overwork the dough. This is also why you will see dough recipes calling for ICE WATER. . .to keep the dough cold enough so that when it is handled, the butter doesn't melt from the warmth of your hands. I would cringe when I would see some of my students actually MELT the butter, lard, etc., and then mix it into the flour!

The sour cream and/or cream cheese does not "melt" like the butter does and is actually meant to be a "binder" for the flour. You can still overwork the dough but it takes a lot to do that. The biggest error people make is they think that you have to work the dough until all the butter is worked in and you don't see the little pieces of butter polka dotted throughout. People will keep working it, and working it, until those dots are gone. That is what you DON'T want!

With any pie crust dough, if you just keep in mind to not overwork it and mix the ingredients only long enough for them to stick together, dough can be one of the easiest things to make. Just mix the ingredients till combined and walk away. Don't look back! Either roll it out for your pan or wrap it up and put it in the frig, whatever your recipe calls for..but DON'T LOOK BACK! If it is calling you back, change your name and don't answer! Ignore it and walk away!!!

Give it a try just one more time and you'll be pleasently surprised!

Re: Quiche Lorraine - Lorraine - 09-05-2007

Looks good, Billy! I'm with Jean on the timing. My oven can be way off, so use the given time as a reference only.

I love those frozen pie shells. The only dough I make that turns out, is the tourtiere one I posted with sour cream. (Except the 10 minute puff pastry, but that's another post)

Re: Quiche Lorraine - MUSICMAKER - 09-05-2007

Lorraine, did you ever make that puff pastry?????????