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13 Anonymous User(s). - cjs - 09-08-2007

When I check to see who's online and see what the "anonymous" people are looking at, I find myself wanting to go back and look at those posts again!!

Three were listed as looking at the Shrimp Cocktail thread at one time this a.m. - which isn't too old, but some of them are really old ones.

Anyone else nosey like this????

Re: 13 Anonymous User(s). - coco hernandez - 09-08-2007

Yes I would love to know what they are looking at but, how do you find out? I don't see anything to click on. I also would like to know who's on line but I can't find that either. One day my name was there alone but now there is no info. What am I missing? By the way, I like this quick reply option.

Re: 13 Anonymous User(s). - coco hernandez - 09-08-2007

I just found it on my home page. THANX

Re: 13 Anonymous User(s). - Mare749 - 09-08-2007

"Anyone else nosey like this????"

Of course, that's what makes it fun! Just have to see who's online at the same time!

Re: 13 Anonymous User(s). - cjs - 09-08-2007

...and what they're lookin' at...

cute avatar, Maryann!! wonder if an old 60s pix of my four would work... might try it.

Re: 13 Anonymous User(s). - Lorraine - 09-08-2007

"Anyone else nosey like this "

Nope, not me. Never.

Yup, great avater, Maryann! I don't even know how to upload pictures, let alone post them.

Re: 13 Anonymous User(s). - Mare749 - 09-08-2007

Thanks Jean, that was always my favorite part of baking with my mom, licking the bowl clean.

Re: 13 Anonymous User(s). - Roxanne 21 - 09-08-2007

Now wouldn't it be GREAT if some of the "anonymous" members posted what they are thinking??? It's nice to check the who is on line feature----NOSEY???? NAHHH!!!

Re: 13 Anonymous User(s). - luvnit - 09-08-2007


Re: 13 Anonymous User(s). - pjcooks - 09-08-2007

Of course, Maryann! But then there are people like me who will get onto a page, start reading, then get distracted- go to work, or answer the door, do some laundry, yadayada, then hours later come back. So it will look like I've been on the same page all day when in fact I've just walked away from it.

Just so we all know