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Successful Sausage Day - Lorraine - 09-12-2007

I still had a few pork shoulders and butts in the freezer, as decided to make sausages last weekend. Got out my Savory Sausage book (thanks to Jean for suggesting it), and after looking through it, decided on Breakfast sausages and Sweet Italian. The breadkfast ones turned out really good. I would have made the Italian recipe from the book, but it called for 100 lbs of pork, and I was not about to try scaling it down. So, found another recipe I had printed off ages ago. All in all, a successful day.

Re: Successful Sausage Day - cjs - 09-12-2007

Good idea, Lorraine, it is getting to sausage making temperatures again, isn't it?

Re: Successful Sausage Day - bbally - 09-12-2007

Lorraine, were you using sage in the breakfast sausage?

Re: Successful Sausage Day - Lorraine - 09-12-2007

I did. I think there was also a bit of ground allspice in it.

Re: Successful Sausage Day - Lorraine - 09-13-2007

I lie. The allspice was in the Italian sausage.

Re: Successful Sausage Day - MUSICMAKER - 09-13-2007

Loraine, have you found that Savory Sausage book quite useful? Have been "eyeing" it for a while on a cookbook site.

Re: Successful Sausage Day - Lorraine - 09-13-2007

We love the book. Not only for the sausage recipes, but also for the recipes for the sausages you've made. Jean told me about it a few years ago, and I bought it used, online, for less than $10.00. Great investment!!!

Re: Successful Sausage Day - MUSICMAKER - 09-13-2007

Lorraine, thanks for the review of the cookbook. Went ahead and ordered it and should have it late next week.

In the meantime, would you mind posting the recipe for the breakfast sausage? Set aside this weekend for making things to stock up the freezer, like the hmuffins, and would like to make the sausage. Can never keep enuf of that in the house. That is a "grab and go" around here.

BTW, made your sweet potato muffins a few days ago and they went over big! They couldn't figure out what was in them (besides the cornmeal)...kept them guessing for a bit! They were surprised when they found out it was the spuds! Thanks for that recipe!

Thanks, too, for your anticipated posting of the sausage recipe!!

Re: Successful Sausage Day - Lorraine - 09-14-2007

No problem, I'll post it this weekend. If you like sausages, I think you'll really enjoy the book!