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Halloumi Cheese - Nigella - cjs - 09-18-2007

I am loving Nigella's (Lawson) book that I'm cooking from this month. We have some friends here from California who are crazy about Ports, so planned dessert last night around that luscious drink. We tried two ports, both from Columbia Valley in Washington and both Cabernet Sauvignon Ports. One, from Preston Winery, was a blend of 10 vintages of Cab and Royalty ports from 1990 to 2000 - this one was fabulous. (I'm not good with the flowery terms and nuances of wine descriptions)

The other, from Canoe Ridge was a 2003 and very good also, but not quite the same league as the Preston.

I put together a cheese, dark chocolate and walnut dessert tray to go with them and the standout was the Halloumi cheese that Nigella's book recommended frying in a dry skillet, then drizzling a little lemon juice and finishing with a drizzle of olive oil mixed with dried chili flakes. It is goat & sheep's milk cheese and doesn't really melt, just gets deliciously soft and spreadable.

Oh my, it was just delicious - and we ended up going through the entire piece of this cheese. It was sure a nice dessert.

I'm going to post the dish we had for an entree later - it was a Jacques Pepin recipe for pork chops that was outstanding also - easy and just a simple dish that he is so well known for, just all flavor!!! With Garlic mashed potatoes. Certainly a repeat for around here.

Re: Halloumi Cheese - Nigella - Harborwitch - 09-18-2007

We have got to try this - the cheese sounds astounding and I'm not sure why we haven't had it. Must have gotten stuck on the flaming teleme???

Re: Halloumi Cheese - Nigella - Lorraine - 09-18-2007

I love port, but have never tried any of the American ones. I heard Virginia is starting to make some, and hopefully (if it's true) will try some in November.

The haloumi sounds great. I've only bought it twice, and dry fried it also. Do you have any pictures?

Gotta love Jacques' recipes! I don't think I've ever cooked one of his that I didn't lie!!

Re: Halloumi Cheese - Nigella - luvnit - 09-18-2007

I want to come to your house for dinner! I feel like I was almost there.

But seriously, I will have to try that. I sound superbly delisciousSmile

Re: Halloumi Cheese - Nigella - bjcotton - 09-18-2007

Laura, if you go to Jean's house for supper, it won't be one you'll soon forget, I guarantee it! I've had some memorable dishes prepared by our one and only cjs.

Re: Halloumi Cheese - Nigella - cjs - 09-19-2007

Billy, you're makin' me blush here, thank you. I didn't take pictures, but I sure will next time - I loved that dessert.

Re: Halloumi Cheese - Nigella - Roxanne 21 - 09-19-2007


Nice idea, Jean---and I really like Nigella, too---now I will dig into her books when I have a chance---Peter bought me a few a while back---where do I begin?? TOO MANY BOOKS!!!

My review will be coming soon----

Re: Halloumi Cheese - Nigella - Lorraine - 09-19-2007

Finally, something Roxanne can get!!!

Re: Halloumi Cheese - Nigella - Roxanne 21 - 09-20-2007


Re: Halloumi Cheese - Nigella - vannin - 09-20-2007

Hahahahahahahahaha ;Þ