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Sharon -- Are you having fun . . . - MUSICMAKER - 09-23-2007

. . .with your new toy?

This thing is a riot, isn't it!?!

Have you found anything "unique" to do with it yet? I used it in the Dr.'s office for a was a brand new magazine and I didn't want to be the "first" to deface it! (next time!! hehehe ) Works great, too, for my homework!

What have you been up to with yours?

Re: Sharon -- Are you having fun . . . - Harborwitch - 09-23-2007

I have used it in the doctor's office to take notes on what he wants me to do, etc. I used it (also in the doctor's office) to write an email to send to Billy.

Rather than typing in a recipe I'll copy it, like the recipe for really great oatmeal cookies on the oatmeal box - then I can just download it from the pen and convert it to a Word doc.

It is a very fun toy. I just wish it would upload to the computer via the Bluetooth connection - ah well, someday. I know I'll think of more ways to use it.

Re: Sharon -- Are you having fun . . . - coco hernandez - 09-23-2007

I hate to be nosy but what gizmo are you talking about. I couldn't find any post about a new toy.

Re: Sharon -- Are you having fun . . . - Harborwitch - 09-23-2007

The Logitech IO2 Digital Pen. It is a handy dandy little toy. I have a notebook for the kitchen - when I am working on a recipe I can write down what I've used, how much, and how I did it. When done I just plug the pen into the computer and it uploads what I wrote and can convert it to text.

You do need to have special paper - the notebooks come in 3 packs. I have one for the kitchen, one for my purse, and one in the office. You teach it to read your handwriting (the toughest part of the whole setup) and it's a ball.

One company, Annoto, has a calendar application that works with the pen and I am sure there will be more and more. Some medical offices are using them - especially for perscriptions. It can also be used to draw, sketch, and diagram.

Re: Sharon -- Are you having fun . . . - DFen911 - 09-23-2007

All I saw was "new toy" "doctor's office" and of course my mind when right to the gutter...

Will someone kindly remove me. I know there are several of you down here with me