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Used Book Website - Lorraine - 09-25-2007

Not sure how many of you buy used books online, but the thread on books for Christmas made me think of this. I have been using these two sites for the last few years, and have got some great deals. He had been moaning about a book he lost years ago, and was never able to find it again. I went online last week, and picked it up for $1.00 (I’m now a hero!!!!). There were about 25 of them, ranging in price from $1.00 to $56.90. The one I got is in mint condition he said. And, I got free shipping in the States!!!

Re: Used Book Website - labradors - 09-25-2007 is my favourite, since it combines ABE, tomfolio, Powell's, et al, all into one.

If I have an ongoing or unsatisfied search, then I use ABE for the ability to "save this want" so that any future updates that match my criteria will be emailed to me. Otherwise, that's the only time I use ABE directly, and I just let BookFinder do the work.

If you use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer, you may also like Book Burro. It is an extension you can add on to Firefox so that whenever you search for a book an a site, it will give you an overlay that shows a comparison of prices from many different sources, without your having to go to a separate web page to do so.

Re: Used Book Website - bjcotton - 09-25-2007

What book was it he had lost Lorraine? I'm going to have to bookmark those sites.

Re: Used Book Website - Mare749 - 09-25-2007

I'm glad you asked Billy, because I'm curious too. Thanks for the websites, Lorraine. I love to buy used books and have never gotten a bad one yet.


Re: Used Book Website - HomeCulinarian - 09-25-2007

I've had really good luck with Amazon's resellers for used and new books.

Re: Used Book Website - Lorraine - 09-26-2007

Thanks for the site, labs!

The one he lost was "Lilies Of The Kitchen", all about onions, leeks, shallots etc.

Re: Used Book Website - cjs - 09-26-2007

I have one site I use - Good Lord, I can really get in trouble with multiple sites....